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Photo System Live Now!

Added: Friday, June 26th 2009 at 7:28am by team
Category: Blogster
Related Tags: blogster, photo , photo album

New photo system is live now.  You can upload photo and change your avatar easily on your blog and on your group. 

Do not forget to Edit your photos if you want to add title, description,  your own tags and set the privacy level for "who can view your photo" and "who can comment on your photo".

All your blog post photos are under the album Photo Posts.  Note: if you delete any picture under this album, the picture will also been deleted from your blog post.

Your previous photos have been added under the album My Photos. You can Edit them one by one if you want.

Actually, we are working on the bugs reported by users.  Please contact the team by email  if you find any bugs you didnt report to the team yet. Please i would like to ask you to be patient, Bobski fix one bug at the time.  All bugs will be fixed asap.

User Comments

I am having a problem getting my picture to post, but now I have seen your blog I will be patient and wait for a bit to try again. Thanks.

This is a picture with your blog post or your avatar?

My Avatar.

I saw you was able to change your avatar.  Do you have other problems with photo upload?  Thank you

New system is good.  I too had a little problem with avatar, but have changed it a couple of times now and had nno more problems.  A couple of things I would like to see.....

The title of the pictures showing in the album so I don't have to click on the picture to know what it is. 

Maybe the Upload picture tab should say Upload Picture/Create Album.  I don't like the way that the same tab does different things.  When you are in the gallery that tab does let you create new albums, but that tab from inside an album only lets you upload pics to that specific album.  Why can't they both just go to the select or create an album page? 

Can I really move pictures easily from my blog to a group?  Tell me how!

move? no. groups have their own album sets. when you are in a group you can upload to it though.

Oh well, Would have been nice.  How about the titles showing in the albums?

Mine's working great!  {#apploud.gif}  Well done Team.

Avatar change isn't working for me

Bobski will check what is the problem.  Can you tell me what is the problem?  Do you see avatar tab? Can you upload an image on this page?  It is a problem when you try to upload the photo or when you try to crop the photo. It will help me a lot if you give me more details.  You can email to me if you want. Thanks

When I do either the selecting an already uploaded image as a new avatar or try to upload a new one it takes me to the preview page where you are supposed to crop the image.  When it does that it just shows a gray box instead of an image preview and when I hit update avatar I get what I've got now. 

Also, FYI The recent vistors list overthere---------------------------> is not working on my blog and after visitng a few others it does not seem to be working on anyones

Recent viewers have been fixed.

Thank you for providing the FAST! loading site. I tried the Photo "Browse" line the other day and it just "froze" the page (I use links to photos available on the www)

Can you enable HTML on the template as it makes it easier to place multiple images?



We do not allow HTML for now. At this point it cause to many exploits. But, we will add HTML in the future. I can't tell you exactly when. Thanks

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