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Lifestream on Blogster

Added: Tuesday, October 27th 2009 at 3:12pm by team
Category: Blogster
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Hi Everyone

We just added a new feature today called Lifestream.  You will find this link on the left menu of your blog.

What is lifestream?

Lifestream is a simple and efficient feature that lets you keep track of your posts, comments, photos, ect. 

Users can easily find out what they did or their friends did on Blogster in the last 7 days.
Because we launched this feature today, it can only count them from right now.  Later this week you will see more data (last 7 days).

You can delete your lifestream from your blog by using the red x in the right corner but cannot delete your friends lifestream.

***Your Lifestream can be seen only by your friends.

Note: All updates will remain on Lifestream for 7 days from the day the update is made, after which these updates will be automatically deleted.

Also, we are working on the last details of the mail system.  The new Blogster mail system will be available soon.

User Comments



maybe now you can keep tract of everyones posts!!!!{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}

Only your friends will keep track of your posts and comments :)

Oh, I was teasing him cause he'll let 600 posts back up and then he'll just delete them all. It is a great idea, I already tested it and this post was there! lol

I got up to nearly 3000 this last time...Ooops. But that was over a month of forgeting to delete everything....LOL

holy...cow! Thata's a lot of forgetting! I know youwere taught to cleanup after yourself, now lets "git er done!"

{#basic-laugh.gif} Hope you enjoy it !

this was a great idea!!!!

I love this idea..you guys are geniuses....thank you very much.


I'm suddenly aroused.


Where is the OFF button?  I bet people will be dropping me as a friend because they will get tired of all my stuff showing LOL  Just saying......

AND speaking of Themes...whatever happened to themes for Groups?  Another feature I was told that was in the works MONTHS ago.....

Themes will be available for groups also.  Group required more programming.  This is why it is not available yet.

Yes, I was told this MONTHS ago when I asked the question.  Guess it was THE DAY Groups went live, so how long ago was that? 

Seems a little creepy, like someone is watching me. Since I accepted anyone that asked me to be a friend this only friends can see it is pointless to me. Is there a way to turn it off or make it private? I don't think anyone really cares what I did today but it just seems a bit much for me

Only your friends can see it.  Your friends will be able to see what you did and you will be able to see what they did without to have to visit explore pages or your friends one by one.  This feature will also appear on groups.  It was one of the request from users.

Isn't that what Notifications and Following and Subscriptions are for?  Do we really need it AGAIN????  Margar3t, I agree.  The word that came to my mind was "stalking".

I have 215 friends, anytime someone asked to be my friend I say ok. You think I should delete them all for a feature I never asked for? I have to think the more I think about it... the more it seems to be an invasion of privacy. I think it should be an option one can turn on if they want all their friends seeing everything they do on blogster.

Thanks for the support zoey

We will add a function under privacy to allow you to set this feature private (only seen by you).  Thank you

Thanks so much for the option. I understand the idea and I think some will love it.. but I do love the idea that those that don't can opt out. Thanks again for listening

I think it sounds great.  Will be fun to check it out.  I've had to drop e-mail notifications as I simply didn't have the time, so this will be perfect.  Thanks for always making things better!  Now as for those tags~shutter!

That was then and this is now~~~A Private option is an EXCELLENT idea for although I first thought this was great I found out real quick that it has all comments made as well as all made by my friends.  Are you kidding me?  I thought is was going to be a quick way to see what friends had POSTED but never dreamed it would be every site they have visited and everything they have said.  That does seem like an invasion of privacy for even friends don't tell friends everything!  How long before the privacy button?  Pleasssse !!!

Any way to shut off the feature permanently since I don't want it "on" nor do I want to go comment by comment and delete?

I asked the same thing... team said "We will add a function under privacy to allow you to set this feature private (only seen by you).  Thank you"

Margar. thanks. I'll go check it out now to "turn off" lifestream.

I don't think they have actually added it yet, but if you find out how to turn it off or make it private, let me know.

Yikes~another issue on this same subject!  On the home page there is the 'new'

What Happening Now feature.  No Thank You!!!  Again displaying our posts is an obvious feature but our comments not so much.  Comments again are for those I am speaking with OR the person whose post I am visiting but certainly not the home page of this web site.  Is this going to be an opt out option also~pleasssse !!! 

I agree with Awake, I might like to opt out on this one too. I don't know if I want anyone coming by the opening page to see everything I do in real time.

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