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Groups and Customized Friends Going Live Soon!

Added: Friday, March 27th 2009 at 10:52am by team
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The Blogster Team would like to announce that the Groups and Customized Friends features will be going live Monday March 30. For information on the Groups feature please visit our post "Create a Group on Blogster". (http://team.blogster.com/create-a-group-on-blogster) The Customized Friends feature will allow users to categorize their friends by category.(exp: Best Friends, Private Friends, Family, Work, etc.) We welcome and appreciate any comments/suggestion once they go live. Have a great weekend :)


User Comments

Great!  Thanks for letting us know.  I've been waiting for Groups to go live, as you know.  The Customized Friends feature sounds good too.  I appreciate what you all are doing to improve Blogster for us!



SWEEEEET! Keep rock'n! {#guitarplay1.gif}



Sounds great, thanks for everything!

Any idea what TIME groups will go live today?  Dummy me kind of assumed you meant midnight-ish....lol

Should be before 9 pm.
Thank you

Thanks! but EST? CST? PST?  lol

EST :)

Don't mean to be a bother!  Thank you so much for replying.

No problem.  I'm glad to see you like this new feature.

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