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Customize Theme for Groups

Added: Wednesday, October 28th 2009 at 2:25pm by team
Category: Blogster
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Tomorrow, you will be able to customize the theme of your group. We will launch this feature before the end of the day.

Group theme can be changed only by the admin of the group. You just have to select admin under your main group page.  

Then, select custom theme tab and you will be able to change the theme of your group.
Note: when you select custom theme, you will see your personal blog background.  This is normal because you are the admin of the group.  Don't be worried, this is will don't change the theme of your personal blog.  It will only change the theme of your group.

User Comments

I looked into the custom theme for groups, I didn't see an option to pick one of your already made themes, is that going to be an option?

The blog themes will not be available for groups.  We create 2 different system.  You will be able to go back to the original group theme (Bobski work on that).  Actually, you can change the tab color on your blog.  Like i explained yesterday to zoeypuppy, custom theme for group required more programming.  But, some people wanted to be able to change their background right now, we decided to launch the custom theme for group yesterday (you can change background and header color).  Hope i answer to all your questions. 

Note: we are working progressively on each feature.  We cannot launch the same feature for personal blog and for group in the same time.  It is all about how much hours it take to program everything.

Thanks so much for explaining, I had thought I could use the photo theme but now I know we have to customize our own. Guess I need the group to help decide where we want to go on the theme thing.

Can only change the outside colors?  Can't change that UGLY purple off the main part of page?  Now I wish I could go back to default colors and CAN'T.  That color looks UGLY with everything.....Good first try, but not good enough IMOO I need to be able to change the tabs and title colors as well....

You can use group theme by default at the bottom of the custom theme page. Thank you

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