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Comment Wall Will Be Added to Your Blog Friday

Added: Thursday, April 23rd 2009 at 11:08am by team
Related Tags: blogster, comments

Comments wall is live now!

Do not forget to set the privacy level you want under setting options > privacy. 

You can also set your wall for email alerts when someone comment on your wall.  Have fun!

Friday, we will add The Wall to you blog page.  Comment Wall is a wall where people can write their thoughts or ask question quickly and easily.  No blog post need to be selected to add a quick comment to your friends or ask a question. 

Like the other pages, you can set your comment wall as default page (as your blog home page). 

You will be able to select the privacy level of your comment wall (Blogster Users or Friends Only, Nobody).

Note: comment wall will be for text only.  We will don't add emoticons, font size or color options. 

You can set your email alerts for comment wall on your control panel under setting options > alerts.

User Comments

Thanks Team.I think that is a grand idea...If I'll only be-able to learn to use it.

Just learning to do my post correctly.LOL... Magic.


That's very cool.

I noticed something about the default blogster theme when you look at the tabs. They look like this: http://g.imagehost.org/0813/themecrap.png I can barely read the words. Can that be fixed please?

Oh and I have a suggestion, maybe in our messages area, can we have an option to see the messages that we sent out instead of just waiting for that person to reply back to see what we wrote to them? I am getting quite forgetful these days. lol!

Thanks for all the great work you guys put into this website!

We will fix the tabs.  We will redo the mail system after the photo upload system.  You will be able to archives pour message and see sent items.
Thank you

I have a question about these Wall posts.  Will we have the option to delete them?  What if someone posts something I don't want there.  I have noticed in the Groups area we can not delete off the wall.  I would like this option, or the option to NOT have a wall.

Yes, you will be able to delete the comments on your Wall.  You can also set your Wall private for your friends only.

Delete wall comments will be available also for the groups.  But only for the admin.  Because it is this person who set the rules of their group.

Yes, I understand about the admin only in the groups that will be fine.  Glad to hear we will be able to delete at individual blogs.  Hey, Are you all still working on the fonts on the group posts comments?

It should be fixed.  Let me know if you still have problems.

ooo I will love this new addition! I like being able to leave people little notes. thanks team!

I don't have a tab for comment wall yet, perhaps too early in the day? Also my tabs are still blue with blue type, impossible to read. I am using the old default page... is this a secret ploy to try to make me use one of the new fancy pages? LOL


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