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Blogster New Footer

Added: Wednesday, November 11th 2009 at 8:21am by team
Category: Blogster
Related Tags: notification, email, chat

Now, you will see a footer at the bottom of Blogster site. 

The footer have 3 functions (see the 3 icons on right):

- Notice you when you get mail (the envelop will flash in blue color)

- Allow you to chat with your friends online.

- Allow you to see your notifications rather to use the notification bar at the top of the site (This feature coming soon)

How to chat?

To be able to chat with your friends, just click on the second icon to see the list of your friend online.  You will see a green icon when your friends are actually on Blogster.

To chat with one of them, just click on the username and a new window will open to start a chat session.

User Comments

Thanks Team!  Going to take a while to figure this out, but it sounds good! {#dancing6.gif}

I noticed the "Footer" and the flashing envelope. Thanks for this and explaing it for us.


That sounds great...thanks for fixing the problems yesterday...everything seems to running fine today !!

And, boy, is that bar appearing here, there and everywhere about the notifications will drive me crazy--I now have a bar announcing that gregcommensense has commented on my blog--I know--I read it--I got a notification in my e-mail--that's enough--how can I stop these 'notifications'?

A lot of users told us they were tired to see the notification bar at the top of the site.  We added notification where the footer is.  I will ask Bobski if you could disable notification on the footer. 

A lot of users also told us they would like to see when they have emails (the old blogster was flashing when you could get mail).  We did the same thing but with the footer (it is simple and really discret). 

I liked it at the top :)  A lot!  Especially if I have to choose between it and this new thing.  Some times progress is not better:)

perhaps... it might be best to give users the option to chose how they want their notifications

1. via email

2. standard top bar

3. discrete footer bar


Sorry blogster it was easier for some of us to see our mess the old way instead..of this way

Could you explain better by old mess? 

It would be great if the footer could be disabled--I get the notifications by e-mail and read them then--I don't need them repeated here, especially when they are like pop up ads!!!  :O)

Is there a way to make it go back the way it was... the notification deal appears and disappears and shows up on top of what I am reading. I prefer something less blinky. :)

i just tweaked it so that if you make it go away it does not come back while you are reading a post. (but it does come back next post you view)

there are both delete and delete all links on there for gettting rid of notifications you read.

You would think.. but it popped up here again... I don't mind clicking on it but the weird popping up when ever it feels like it is freaking me out and covering up what I am reading at times.. then it pops a way??? It seems to have a mind of its own... by the way I can comment again as you can see.:) But the bug report does not work, I can't send on in... get it all filled out but it goes no where.

it was not when it wants, it was consistently every 60 seconds, lol. i have confirmed with myself that its not doing it now except on page load, so if it still is probably just need a refresh or two to update it.

so many upsides and downsides to these type of programs for web browsers. i appreciate peoples patience with me with new/experimental stuffs like this.

Just wondering is there a way to make it open in a new tab or window if I click on it? I don't want to loose my place when reading but might want to look at the comment too... it would be cool if all those icons gave you the choice to right click to open a new tab... try it out and see the menu you get, I get book mark for some and save image for others, would like to get open, open in new window, open in new tab for all links be them icons or words.

Bug report does not work. I can not submit a report.

Also tonight most of the time when I have tried to make a comment on a post it does nothing... none of the letters show up? It is working on your blog but not on the others????

Oh god, I hate the new bar my computer runns fine, right up until I log into blogster then it poops. 

Not to mention the noticication "pop-up " is terrible it is very invasive and deleted all my notifications:(.  Where did my good, reliable bar go to at the top?

I am not the only one having issues with it slowing down computers, massively, on this post, http://www.blogster.com/brianinca/political-bloggers-please-stop-the-star-wars-and-lets-get-along , at the beginging of the comments other users talk of the same issues

Ditto, mine is EXTREMEly slow now on Blogster, not anywhere else.

This is have nothing to do with the new footer.  The site is slow because we experience traffic problems and are working on this problem right now.

I tried going to the group posts and it works fine there :)

To start you get my normal pat answer...WHY NEW FEATURE BEFORE OLD ONES ARE WORKING RIGHT???

The footer SUCKS!!!!

It just covered this comment box while I'm trying to type!  wierd. 

The notification poppng up all the time ia AGRRIVATING. 

The chat only works if I don't try to change pages while I do it otherwise it dissapears.  I was chatting with a friend while reading a blog.  Went to the next page of blog and the chat went to OZ as we say. 

Blogster pages now load SLOW because the dang bar takes forever to load.

Then if we HAVE to have the bar the least you could do is make it work in groups too.  Why would it only work at the personal blogs?  Crazy if you ask me.

Ok. I will stop now.  But must emphasize again, why NEW features when old don't work well...



BTW in the groups we no longer have ANY notification areas since you removed the area at the top.  I have to go out of group to see ANY notifications

I can navigate around the group pages a lot faster right now because they DON'T have the footer.  That is what proves tome It is the footer causong the slow down everywhere else....

I run IE8 in VISTA if that makes a diff.

Can you tell me again which old feature ypou talk about.  It is always come back in your comments.  I think we always give you answers.  Please explain to me what you talk about by old features.

You know voyage, I  GIVE UP.  You say you keep adding things baecause you are lstening to input from members.  Well, I've been giving intut since i got here and if you don't care enough to keep track, so be it.  I (and many others) have been asking for you to add the jump feature inside posts so we can jump throught the pages of comments.  We have been asking since the DAY you added the jump feature to the outside of the blogs.  THAT is ONE feature I would like fixed.  There are others, but I am tired ot writing them to you over sand over and over again. 


AND just My opinion, but you all are WRONG about blogster not being slowed down by the footer.  It slows down EVERY page at EVERY personal blog.  I see NO problems when I am at the group which doesn't have the footer.  I can't believe it si SUDDENLY a traffic issue on the site it would be happening in the group areas too.

P.S. I will never complain or give input again, since you seem to think it is all COME BACK and not good inpiut.

I don't know why you think i don't care. This is really upsetting when we put all  our effort as a team to provide a better blogging platform.    I think we listen everyone on Blogster.  We cannot change everything at the same speed all user want.   We worked on a lot of user requests over time. When we don't make a change fast it is because something stop us and we cannot make the change without to change something else.

Paging with jump button have been added to explore pages and search pages.  We will add it on each blog (posts, comments) but it is more than just adding a code.  We have to rebuild these pages (what Greg does actually). 

Mail system was on the list.  I think we added a great mail system like we said at the timing we said.  I didnt heard nothing about this feature...I suppose users like it!

Notification will be added to the group.  We always start with personal blog first to don't break the groups also if something happen.  Each implementation will always be that way.

If you can read our last post on Blogster team, we explained why the site got some problem since yesterday. 

Thank you

The mail system is OK, but cumbersome.  Why do I have to go into the mail to reply?  Why no reply button on front page.  Why can't I select more than one name in the list at a time?  Would be nice for those of us in the groups that want to send out mail to all in group.  You worried more about adding the "Gifts" (which are stupid) than making it easy to reply or send out multiple messages.

As far as saying you have too many things to do and can't get done something we've been askinig about for months here is my answer.....If you hadn't taken the time to make yourself a social networking site instead of the original blog site this is supposed to be we would have these things done already.  If I wanted all that I would join Face Book where I didn't have to wait for the system to work porperly. 



You have to go into the mail to reply because we figured that users might want to actually read a message before replying to it.  We can certainly add a reply feature directly to the mail's front page if it is deemed a worthwhile addition.  However, you have to understand that if we do that right now then the jump feature in comments will be delayed as will notifications in group pages and the like.  Since we have a finite number of programmers and each task takes a non-zero amount of time, we have to prioritize.  Same goes for sending out a message to a whole group at once -- it can be done, and is not an incredibly difficult change, but it will delay other features.

The team has to prioritize the features that we implement -- we can't implement everything all at once, or you'd be waiting even longer than you are now and wouldn't see a single update in the intervening time.  Currently next on the slate is a massive update to the blog posting system.  This will include tiny things like the jump box in comments and huge things like an entirely new way to write blogs if you wish to take advantage of it.

As to why chat disappears - it sure doesn't for me.  When I load a new page, the chat is minimized down onto the bar, but it doesn't disappear.  As soon as the person's name turns blue again, I know they sent me a new message.  At any time, before or after they send me a message, I can click on their name on the bar and restore it to full size.  I'm supposing it minimizes because you wouldn't want it to cover something on the next page you load by popping up automatically every time you switch pages, would you?  Then it would be no different than the notifications.

As to the performance issue, that is a compounding of many factors - the performance hit is drastically different for different people with different browsers on different systems.  For example, in my Firefox browser it initially made the entire browser unusable, but in Chrome, on the same computer, it works without me noticing anything.  The other programmer sees no performance issues with either Safari or Firefox on his computer.  However, none of these performance problems were apparent when only the three or four of us in the office were using it.  Over the past 24 hours, the performance has increased dramatically as we found an active attack going on against the server, found some configuration issues and have improved the performance of our code.  Are things continuing to run very poorly for you, or are you seeing an improvement in the current system?

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