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A history of swimming pools

Added: Tuesday, October 18th 2016 at 7:53am by Swimmingpool
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The precursors of the modern day swimming pools:


The concept of swimming pools first originated more than 5000 years ago. The ancient city of Mohenjo-Daro had the precursor of a pool called the “Great Bath”. This pool was constructed with brick walls and lined with tar.


The Anuradhapura Kingdom in ancient Sri Lanka had ornately constructed twin pools called Kuttam Pokuna. The water inlet to the pool had a filtering system to allow fresh filtered water to be fed into the pool. These pools also were constructed with excellent drainage system.

Greece and Rome:

The Greek as well as the Romans had pools of all types for various reasons. Like in the present day, in those days, a pool was constructed so as to add to the aesthetics of the surrounding property. The pools in Greece and Rome were also for conducting religious ceremonies, for people to socialize, and for many other reasons besides for swimming and public baths. Pools were also constructed in military training areas to conduct training in water.

Over 2500 years ago, the concept of public bath became prominent in Greece and this was the reason behind most pools constructed those days. In the first century, in Greece, swimming was taught as a part of standard education offered to the children of the country.

The grand Roman pools were constructed with a direct freshwater supply to the pools from the hills through conduits. The Romans, in fact, had the first concept of heated pools. They also had aesthetically stunning pools that were landscaped to perfection. These pools, even had waterfalls and other mixed terrain surrounding them.

Slowly when the Roman Empire fell, the concept of swimming pools began to lose its significance. 

The comeback of swimming pools:

In the Great Britain:

In Great Britain, mainly to tackle the problem of increased drowning rates, pools were constructed for the public in the 1830’s. Swimming pools gradually made a comeback. Slowly swimming gained its popularity as a sport and more pools were constructed. The National Swimming Society of England constructed pools for swimming competitions. The Amateur Swimming Association was also formed in order to encourage more people to learn swimming.

The Greeks, who had been in favor of swimming from ancient days, introduced swimming as a part of the Olympic Games as well. The initial Olympic Games swimming events were conducted in the ocean due to lack of such large scale pools.

In the US:

The first pool in the US is the Deep Eddy. What started as a swimming zone in the Colorado River later turned to become part of a resort and operates as a famous swimming pool till today. These pools were all in-ground pools.

The US also saw the first concept of above the ground pools. Swimming pools also began to be constructed on Cruise ships. 

The current status:

In several Hollywood movies, swimming pools began to be projected as a symbol of status and luxury. Besides, many public pools, people also started constructing swimming pools in their backyard so as to add a touch of luxury and enhance the aesthetics of their homes. Just like old times! This article about the history of swimming pools was brought to you by the leaders in swimming pool kits - http://swimmingpoolkitsandspaswa.com.au . For more information in getting your own pool, please visit our website above.


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