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Infrastructure - Post #2

Added: Saturday, September 22nd 2012 at 3:47pm by svopicka
Related Tags: technology, schools

User Comments

Technology can be a real distraction. My "acid test" is what will this technology allow us to do that we can't do now? When the funding was made available for SMARTboards throughout the province and many were installed.  For many, the smartboard replaced a projector connected to a desktop computer.  For those teachers that utilize the interactive features of the smartboard this added to the classroom. For many the SMARTboard became a different screen and projector to do the same work and fo others it is a decoration. 

It does not seem wise to have a blanket approaches to supplying hardware.  I think that everyone needs to have a great infrastructure to enable access to information, but there needs to be autonomy at site and classroom levels to access what will be used for specific purposes.  Otherwise, there is anxiety around the expectation of learning what the new "machine" does and ongoing maintenance and servicing costs and a reduction of energy into meaningful educational experiences.

The anonymous comment above and this one is from Dan. drawlyk@persona.ca


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