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Name Creator Response Rating
Why are Refridgerators $3000 and up? 2
Hillary Running Again? 12
What animals do you like 5
Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg at Survivor Series 2
the spelling of OK 19
Bullying 12
What should i do? 13
The Carbon Footprint Kills Slowly 3
Scotland 5
Super Bowl 7
Homosexuality Survey 9
Sexuality Survey 15
Yes or no? SOPA and PIPA 4
What Bothers you most about parents? 4
The Most Exciting Competition!!Choose the most appropriate navel...! 6
God 10
Our Wars 5
Believe in Ghosts? 20
A Quick Poll 4
Marijuana Legalization 10
Sports bars 1
Do You Think "ObamaCare" Will Be Repealed? 16
Should I Share Photos? 27
Cats or Dogs? 7
Should Wiki Leaks Be Allowed To Continue? 11
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