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Name Creator Response Rating
Why would people rather collect online friends instead of forming real life long relationships? 47
GRADE the Obama Team 33
Irritating user names 27
Should I Share Photos? 27
Would You Rather! 23
Just wondering how many people are in love(; 23
Why do people "Friend" people on social networking sties if they do not know them? 23
WHAT about YOU? 20
Believe in Ghosts? 20
the spelling of OK 19
Communication Survey 19
2009 Hits and Misses 1 - 10 18
DO YOU? 16
A Little About Yourself 16
Relationship Poll 16
what is your favorite. animal 16
Do You Think "ObamaCare" Will Be Repealed? 16
Music survey 15
Just for fun 15
Sexuality Survey 15
Depressed 15
Justin Bieber 15
YAY or NAY 14
The WALL... a Blogster Poll 13
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