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Renewable non

Added: Wednesday, May 19th 2021 at 11:05pm by stevennico

Demand will remain weak

Water Well Drilling Rig According to the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Recycling Metal Branch , Vice President and Secretary General Wang Ji bit expected , on the demand side , the recent never again have a massive investment stimulus policies, the overall situation of renewable non-ferrous metals in the near future there will be significantly improved, demand is unlikely to have high growth. Among them, the recycled copper production has declined , recycled aluminum production was essentially flat , secondary lead production increased slightly , recycled zinc production fell slightly. Meanwhile, in the context of urbanization in China, the economic and social development of many important energy peak demand and still have 10-20 years of mineral raw materials , particularly copper , aluminum and non-ferrous metals are two varieties , Rock Drilling Tool resource requirements will peak in 2025 about coming.

In terms of price , due to the existence of industry overcapacity, sharply efficiency, increased production costs , lack of competitiveness , export structural contradiction , the world economic slowdown , further declines in market demand and other issues , the industry is expected to be recycled copper demand further reduced.

Deep-rooted problems to be solved

" While the industry remained stable overall running posture , we must soberly , restricting some deep-seated contradictions and problems of regeneration , coordinated and healthy development of non-ferrous metal industry has not been fundamentally resolved, steady development is still facing many difficulties and challenges. " Ji bits.

First, the overall situation can hardly be optimistic about the industry , the domestic downstream demand weakened , the upstream raw material imports difficult. By the non-ferrous metal prices are low , the impact of the macroeconomic slowdown , imports and increasing environmental pressures and other unfavorable factors , investors are not optimistic about the outlook of the industry , slowing down the progress of new projects under construction , some companies are maintaining and wait stage , started rate dropped significantly, or is discontinued, converting state.

Meanwhile, the international trade protectionism to limit exports of non-ferrous metal scrap , recycled metal industry has developed rapidly in developing countries , resulting in non-ferrous metal prices ups and downs , metal scrap imports more difficult to form a multi-national , multi- compete the international scrap metal market situation, to metal production and operation of domestic renewable great difficulties and risks.

The second is not high value-added products , the industrial structure of the contradictions are still outstanding , the whole industry chain in the international division of labor in the low-end link. Mainly in the low- end products companies to develop the level of the input-output efficiency is not high , competitiveness is weak, not strong ability to withstand risks . The main reason is the little businesses to invest in new product development , extend the industrial chain , the cause of low value-added products , a slight fluctuation in the market can not meet , seriously hampered the development of enterprises.

Third, technological innovation capability needs to be improved . Regeneration of non-ferrous low corporate technology and equipment level , there is a certain gap with developed countries , technological innovation and low awareness , poor , inadequate investment is the main reason companies uncompetitive . Strengthen the R & D investment in technology research and development is the key problems to be solved .

Fourth, the industrial park competition , industrial chain competitive advantage should be improved. With the increase in http://isaacwanda.jugem.jp/

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