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Low alloy seamless steel tube plasma arc welding and cutting method

Added: Thursday, June 10th 2021 at 12:26am by stevennico

Other anti-dust and smoke plasma arc welding and cutting process is accompanied by a large number of vaporized metal vapor, ozone, nitrides. Especially when cutting, because the gas flow, resulting in a lot of dust raised on the workplace, these smoke and dust have a serious impact on the operation of the workers of the respiratory tract, lungs, etc., at high current when cutting or cutting non-ferrous metals is particularly serious. Therefore, low alloy seamless steel pipe cutting, can be placed at the bottom of the table exhaust devices, can also be taken to the water cutting methods. Cutting the dth hammer water and underwater cutting is an effective method for inhibiting contamination. Cutting the need for the water storage tank, water storage tank to place low-alloy seamless steel table, arranged in order by multiple spire-shaped steel members composed. These spire-shaped steelmembers will be cut low alloy seamless steel pipe supported on the horizontal plane, the plasma arc torch work and other surrounding shrouded layer curtain. Curtain greatly inhibit the environmental harm caused by the cutting process produces noise, dust, and other contaminants arc and metal vapor. This method requires water flow 55-75l / min.

Underwater cutting low alloy seamless steel pipe?placed around underwater 75mm. Place low alloy seamless steel spire-shaped table from the aforementioned composition of steel components. When the torch into the water first with the general stability of the compressed airflow around the torch nozzle end face of the water line, and then reburn arc cutting. When underwater cutting, low alloy seamless steel pipe products to remain underwater dive into the depth, so, you should configure a system to control the water level, and then adding a water pump and water tank with water, drainage methods to maintain the water level. General hand-cut or cut near the table to be equipped with automatic ventilation system, the exhaust out of work outside the workshop. Such as pollution caused by emissions standards than the state allows, you should increase the soot filtration equipment.

Preventing noise plasma arc produces high-intensity, high-frequency noise, especially when using high-power plasma arc cutting, the greater the noise, which the operator of the auditory system and the nervous system are very harmful. The noise energy is concentrated in the range of 2000 ~ 8000hz, requires the concentric drill bits operator must wear earplugs. Where possible conditions, try using the automated cutting, allowing the operator to work in the operating room soundproofed; you can also take the water cutting methods, the use of water to absorb noise.


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