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Fang County, Henan superhard materials and other leading industries continue to grow

Added: Monday, June 28th 2021 at 8:03pm by stevennico

Recently, the National Progressive Party County Appraisal Technology was named the national scientific and technological progress advanced counties again , the smooth realization of the "three -peat ."

In recent years, Fang County actively implement IT policies continue to introduce high-level personnel , increasing financial investment , science and technology has made breakthroughs in many areas . Especially in 2 Low Air Pressure Drill Bits 013 , the county "Digital Agriculture - Farm Environmental Monitoring eccentric drill bits Automation and Applied Research of Agricultural Expert System" scientific and technological achievements municipal scientific and technological progress . Currently, the county party growing industrial capacity for independent innovation , has formed a super-hard materials, new energy , building materials, machinery and equipment manufacturing four leading industries , the emergence of South Africa diamond , Nanyang Bo Ruikang Technology Co. , potatoindustry and other solid Dewei a number of scientific and technological innovation -oriented enterprises ; agricultural technology popularization and application of remarkable achievements , Yu Salvia base and national certification through the National GAP protection of geographical origin certification , papaya cultivation and processing technology has won the Gold Award Sandvik Drilling Tools and the International Agricultural Fair special Award Yangling Agricultural High Houji ; technology service system has improved , the county agricultural extension agencies to establish 36 township agricultural station 47 , the formation of fruit , vegetables , agricultural cooperatives and other associations and more than 300 foster technology demonstration households 12000 .


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