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DC Shooting the Woman Who Hit a White House Barrier

Controversial Content
Added: Saturday, October 5th 2013 at 10:24pm by StevenFrerk
Category: Blogster > News > General News

One of the events that has been on TV lately is the shooting of Miriam Carey, when she hit a barrier at the whitehouse, what were the authorities thinking when they shot her did they just watch the movies Olympus has Fallen and White House Down, did they have directives to react to someone trying to drive a car bomb into the White House. I know from my own SAS training and especially on team we had training on when to engage a terrorist when we believed they were a threat, a number of people in this training engaged the terrorist threat when the target wasn’t a threat and if it had been a real hostage Terrorist incident then those Assaulters may have had to face the courts to answer questions why they engaged. I myself was I think picked up for waiting to the last second before engaging the terrorists. This was training run by a specialist group, I can’t remember thename of this group. So did the police have to shoot Miriam, lets look at the points, she had driven away from the Whitehouse so the White House was no longer threatened, so there was no bomb threat, and she wasn’t shooting from the car. I say they shouldn’t have fired and maybe these shooters should answer questions in a coronors investigation.

One of the sisters of 34-year-old Miriam Carey, who was fatally shot by police in Washington after trying to ram her car through a White House barrier and after an ensuing car chase led to the lockdown of the Capitol Thursday afternoon, said the shooting was "not justified" as the investigation into what led up to the incident continues. Aljazeera.com

I know from my own experiences young and keen soldiers are ready with fingers on the triggers ready to fire, On one occassion East Timor whilst out on patrol we saw some civilians in a creek they had spears and appeared to be patroling, my scout was keen to fire, based on they only had a spear each and they were to far away,and they weren’t attackiing us,  I believed them not to be a threat, so I told the patrol not to fire, I simply sent a message back to base about this incident and awaited their reply on whether they would send a larger force to follow them up, no one paid any interest in this encounter.

People in the military are individually trained to  when to engage a threat either in a hostage terrorist situation or on the battlefield, I am sure it is the same whether they are protecting the president or the police are called to a dispute in the public, What is the training of our civlian police, I have seen the civilian police in action taking part with police operations as an observer watching them taking down drug traffickers,on one night, these police never gave the offender a chance to pull a weapon keeping the offender covered by weapons all the time, but not engaging them unless they pulled a weapon and were going to fire.

In conclusion it takes time and experience when making an appreciation when to fire, so you have to look at the level of training time that the security person has been exposed to in his job, and the quality of training obviously when the official gets into operational field then you will see if his training is effective.


User Comments

My thought was this- at one point she was stopped and had to- if I remember correctly back and turn her car to take off again. She was stopped. At that point why could they not shoot at her tires? I can understand it is hard to hit a moving cars' tires but a STOPPED cars' tires?

she assaulted the officers with the auto....injuring two....they were well within rights to use deadly force after that...to hell with shooting at tires....

Thanks for the comments, its interesting what everyone thinks, I think a Psychologist would put people under different classifications depending on what they answer, nothing to worry about, just thinking.

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