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does education prevent crime?

Added: Tuesday, April 20th 2010 at 6:01pm by sramirez
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Does education prevent crime from happening so frequently? Can it only stop certain crimes from happening? These were questions that I had when I had to start researching this topic. I found sources that state that it does help prevent crime and also some sources that said it has nothing to do with crime. I am on the side that says it does help prevent crime especially in the high school age. Without a high school diploma it makes things harder in life, like when you are looking for a job. Some jobs now require you to have a high school diploma or equivalent for you to even be considered. There are jobs out there that you don't need a diploma for like construction, janitorial and fast food places. What i am getting at is that if a person that does not have a high school diploma and cannot get a job then what other option is there for them then to turn to crime. This person would need money and food and how else would they get it without stealing. That is one way that I believeeducation can prevent a crime and make crime less frequent.

    Alan Johnson, the education secretary in England, stated in 2007 that crime can be prevented by education (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1544799/Education-until-18-will-prevent-life-of-crime.html ). He also says that homelessness and drug use would also go down if people stayed in school and got educated. Johnson says that people that leave school at the age of sixteen will ultimately end up in prison because they would not be able to get support from anywhere. The government in England wants to set up a program that would ensure that all students went to school until the age of eighteen. I think that the United States should also enact a plan like this. It would cut dropout rates and more people would be able to get jobs and be able to go to college. If more people had an education and were able to work than they would paytaxes which would help out the economy more than letting people drop out and end up living off the taxes in prison.

    There are some that say education has nothing to with how much or what types of crimes are committed. Milton C. Jordon Sr. says in his article that only when people have the state of mind that it is okay to hurt others to help themselves that is when crime is committed (http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/846521/education_and_experience_does_not_prevent.html ). Milton gives three examples to back up his claim. The first one involves an attorney that got caught bribing a judge with $50,000. In the second example Milton talks about a group of teenagers that beat a man to death for music player and some head phones. For the last example he talks about his own experience with crime when he stole money from his aunt for some cookies. In each of these examples he says that education had nothing to do with the outcome of the action.

    Both of these two sources give great examples of why they think that education can or cannot prevent crime. After reading through these articles I still stand strong on my side and say that education can prevent some crime but not all. What do you think? Does education stop crime or, like Milton states, has nothing to do with crime at all? I would like to hear personal examples if you have them

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A studie, from the Correctional Education Association and the Open Society Institute, present data on the impact of education on crime and crime prevention, and examine the debate on providing higher education to inmates.  They find that education programs can reduce the likelihood of repeat offending and improve public safety. http://www.prisonpolicy.org/scans/research_brief__2.pdf 

interesting thanks voyage that helps a lot

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