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Sonic Producer Music Sequencer

Added: Sunday, August 8th 2010 at 3:27am by sonicproducer

Do you have an urge to create beats online but have a limited amount of cash to spend? Well, Sonic Producer music sequencer could be the key to your problem. For very little expense, you could be putting your cash into a top quality online beat maker that you can use at home on your computer/pc. You won't have to spend a lot of your hard earned cash for expensive hardware.

The interface that Sonic Producer music sequencer uses is not in the slightest bit difficult to use. There is a members section where all of the action takes place so once you have logged in, you have all of its features within easy reach. All you have to do is select which sample or sound that you want to use and drag it over to your track that you want to add it to. There are sixteen separate tracks that you can programme with a unique sound sample and volume, and there are well over of 2000 samples to select from, such as guitar, cymbals, violin and claps. As you see there is an almost limitless amount of beats and instrumentals that you can create.

Sonic Producer will to set you back as little as $30 which when you consider everything that it gives you, is awesome value for money. The cost of buying the hardware or even hiring out a studio and all that it entails such as hiring studio audio technician would be tremendous. You would end up spending well in excess of a thousand dollars, probably several. $30 would buy you about one hour studio time.

Even if you are a complete novice and have no idea about playing an instrument, Sonic Producer is a piece of cake to master. If you need any motivation or something to get your creative juices flowing, there are plenty of videos and tutorials for you to use that will set your imagination free and you will be making rap beats online within a few enjoyable hours.

There were very few gripes that I found with Sonic Producer. I think that a professional mixing engineer would find it lacking in features and efficiency, but to somebody who just likes creating for the sake of it, this music sequencer could provide hours of pleasure and give bands an added dimension to the sound of their music.

Once you startmaking beats and instrumentals, you will find it very difficult to get away from. Sonic Producer is a highly addictive music making tool. The sound that you can create are fantastic and you will want to keep coming back to improve upon them and some very complex sounds can be created. When you have created you beats, you can upload them to MP3 format and show all of your mates just what you are capable of.

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