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How New Zealand army are you

Added: Friday, June 10th 2011 at 9:39pm by smokingreenpets

4 Responses Created by smokingreenpets on June 10, 2011


when you here someone complain about a cold coffee you think

  • you poor man you deserve better service
  • harden up my i havent had a jerk off in a month
  • dont pay notice at all


when you see a hitchhiker 30 miles from the nearest town

  • you drive on past not giving a toss because its good for you to walk
  • you pull over and say get on in where to
  • you pull over and question him like a job interview before he jumps in car


When someone knocks on your door selling religion

  • you slam the door on there face
  • you just listen to not offend
  • You debate them on your beliefs compared


you see a bar fight about to break out between 2 men-how do you react

  • Take the both of them
  • nagotiate between the 2 men in a humble manner and shout them a beer
  • call the police
  • dont do anything
  • walk out before it gets dangerous


you see a nice looking gurl/guy at a club wats you opening line

  • wow your really (pretty/handsome) you look like my (mum/dad)
  • would you like a drink? then cab back to mine
  • wanna root
  • would you like a drink then back to yours..my girlfriends home


when explaining something to someone whats your body language

  • stand at ease and talk away with full eye contact
  • legs 40cms apart with semi eye contact & karate chop motions with your hands
  • hands in pockets with little eye contact and low tone voice
  • stand side by side with normal tone voice using karate chop motions with hands


Your peacekeeping overseas in afghanistan when you come under fire what thought goes through your head

  • I must hide
  • They better be shooting at us i want some action
  • dont worry the americans will take care of it
  • I hope im the one that get to pop a cap in his skull
  • kill them before the americans doit


you here an english accent how does it make you feel

  • makes you feel very curious in how well spoken they are
  • you punch them in the face
  • you walk away before theres a homicide
  • you sit there and time your will power before you say shut the F.ck up


a civillian friend offers you cannabis what do you say

  • nah bro im to good for that stuff
  • yeah bro sweet i'll just run 10k tomorrow
  • nah bro if you dont destroy it i will call the pigs
  • maybe a few puffs


your childhood

  • I was a brat and school drop out who lives with friends
  • well raised middle class child
  • raised hard with violence and abuse & hunted animals as a child
  • very rich

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Wow, only 3 correct answers, but very interesting! lol

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