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Why I Consider Trump To Be An Unfit And Dangerous President

Added: Thursday, May 16th 2019 at 10:29am by smfmystery
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I agree with them, Suzi. Donald Trump and the owner of Fox News are a danger to this country and it's values,  to Western Civilization, and to the world as we know it because Trump denies global warming. China and the USA rank as the top two polluters in the world and, given population numbers we are worse than China is. Our population only consists of 4% of the world's population and the USA is in second place. By 2100, the world as you know it will cease to exist and the weather will become worse every year up till then. Look for extensive fires over many acres that destroy property and lives not due to poor forest management ( Trump's explanation for fires suffered by the state of California LOL ), freezing cyclones in winter dropping temperatures to minus 80 degrees in the American Midwest followed by extensive flooding as in 2018-2019. You see, global warming and climate change produce temperature extremes. Look for record hightemperatures every summer, tropical storms enhanced in number and intensity, and rising seas. The earth has already lost 1,000 species, more than at any other time in recorded history, and will loose 10,000 more in the next few years, among them insects that pollinate crops and fish species that feed millions the world over.

The coming 6th Global Extinction or Holocene Extinction Event caused by man will result in the destruction of 75% of all life on earth. That's as bad as the 5th which ended the 140-million-year-old reign of reptiles and dinosaurs and ushered in the Age of Mammals and True Birds 66 - Million years ago. In just 20 years things will have become pretty bad.

I can't see why stupid evangelicals adhere to Trump. He  goes in the face of Bible teachings. Left his former wives, humiliates  the current first  lady, seeks whores with abandon, Profits the rich at the expense of the country's middle class ( shrinking ) and poor ( in direct opposition to the teachings of Jesus who disliked the rich because they refused to help the poor. Jesus also gave us simple guidelines for living our lives all of which Trump does not follow, and what about how others should be treated even strangers ? He cusses all the time and tries to humiliate any that disagree with him in direct opposition to the Old Testament's statement that to humiliate is likened onto murder. Politically, he demonstrates no empathy, considers himself above the law, condemns the press, and otherwise functions as a dictator. He is a narsisstic personaly ( insane ) and tweets lies alone an average of seven times a day and you knowwho the father of the lie is,,,Right?

Trump is the only American politician even down through history that I have ever hated. If he drops dead, two people will celebrate : His wife and I.

User Comments

You fiqure out why these people continue to support this huge mistake in the White House....and tell me.  I have been asking that question since he was elected on his cruel and downright nasty platform.

I think, scene, because they want to get something out of him. They sure don't adhere to the Book of Job in the Bible, a lesson taught by analogy that conveys this point: "Love God because you love Him and His Ways, not for what you think you can get out of Him ( That's a good lesson even if there is no Biblical god )." Remember Satan's challenge at the beginning of the story: When speaking to God he challenges Him stating that no man will follow you save for blessings. The Bible thumpers see Trump as strong. So do the uneducated. Trump brags about making America great Again as Hitler did when he took control of Germany ( make Germany Great ). The only difference is that Hitler managed to make good on his slogan by defeating allied, especially French, rape of his country, reducing it to poverty by demanding Reparation for WWI.

Trump brags about the economy. Sure, It's doing great, but who does it benefit? Only the rich one percent of our population. He threatens health care programs I paid into for many years. Hope mine does not refuse to pay my recent $15,000 hospital bill for three days and really no treatment.

Found out today that those Republican states depending most on the  government voted for Trump in 2016. Not the most independent democratic states.

You know, that is an excellent take on the book of Job. I admit that I hadn't thought of that but it is a very good intrepretation.

And an economy that doesn't benefit everybody is not REALLY a good economy.  It is an economy where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I am lucky in that I DO have some invetments but only because I was part of a very active strong union that bargained for decent pay and retirement funds.

Scene, my wife and I would have been financially secure had her accident and subsequent permanent injuries not wiped us out.

The economy you describe is descriptive of an oligarchy usually run by a dictator or king and a select few. I believe the USA is currently an oligarchy.

It is certainly moving in that direction, and trump seems to be moving toward dictatorship for sure.

When Congress can't place him in check and our judiciary system has been stocked with his stooges ( Barr ), you have an emerging dictatorship, scene.

yes, indeed....but at least the House is not majority his minions.

But, scene, the executive branch has them blocked.

True, but hopefully that will change in 2020....in the meantime, the House can slow his roll.

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