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Trump's lies Strongly Suggest Mental Instability.

Added: Thursday, March 14th 2019 at 8:15pm by smfmystery
Related Tags: insanity, president trump

George Conway , an attorney and the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway , is calling for a “serious inquiry” into President Donald Trump ’s “condition of mind.”

Conway, a persistent Trump critic despite his wife’s position in the administration, slammed the president’s “brazen, pathological mendacity ” for lying over even mundane matters. 

“Even his donors and supporters wonder, what is wrong with him ?” Conway wrote. “Why would he feel compelled to tell such an absurd lie?”

Conway’s first tweet linked to a clip in which Trump suggested that District Judge Amy Berman Jackson found “no collusion” in sentencing former campaign manager Paul Manafort  on Wednesday. 

“I can only tell you one thing: Again that was proven today, no collusion ,” Trump declared, repeating “no collusion ” multiple times. 

However, the judge in the District of Columbia said no such thing. 

“The ‘no collusion’ mantra is simply a non sequitur,” she said, adding that “the investigation is still ongoing.”

Conway also referred to Trump’s shifting story on Apple CEO Tim Cook, whom he incorrectly referred to as “Tim Apple”  at a White House meeting last week.

The president reportedly told GOP donors Friday that he had said “Tim Cook, Apple” but that the “Cook” was so fast no one heard it .

User Comments

Multiple times daily for two years and 53 days ... 

elmo, I've no doubt that is because he is mentally il. His is a narcissistic personalty which can prove very dangerous. No joke.

Oh, I don't find it funny in the least, believe me.  IMHO, the joke is that people are still shocked by anything he says or does.  How long is our country going to be hijacked by this flim-flam man?  

elmo,that possibility greatly concerns me.

trump lies about things that can be checked and proved false by just reading what the original comment was.  It is so silly.

But as I observed to a group wednesday, there is a technique involved.  The tactic goes like this.  Someone catches you doing somethng outrageous, or wrong...say a spouse catches their mate in bed with a thrid party.  The technique used by people like trump is then to accuse the person who caught of being in error, in effect saying "how dare you catch me doing that".

It is a way of turning the problem back on the victim, and sadly it often works at least for a while.

Sounds logical to me, scene

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