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Trump Loves To Say He Might Not Leave Office After Two. And It's Dangerous.

Added: Monday, June 17th 2019 at 5:56am by smfmystery
Related Tags: radical, president trump
Bill Maher HBO Real Time Said ....
by smfmystery ·
16-June-2019, 11:49 pm


Trump Loves to Say He May Not Leave Office After Two Terms, and It’s Dangerous

Peter Wade, Rolling Stone 6 hours ago
Bill Maher, HBO's " Real Time" has warned that Trump is  dangerous and would not leave office even if the vote turned against him.


Donald Trump thinks his supporters will want him to serve a third term, despite not yet winning a second. On Saturday, the New York Times reported that Pentagon and intelligence officials kept certain details from the president regarding a new U.S. military program that included cyber warfare attacks on Russia because of “the possibility that [Trump] might countermand it or discuss it with foreign officials.”

On Sunday morning, President Donald Trump, angered by the story, took to Twitter to blast both the New York Times and the Washington Post, calling both “the Enemy of the People.” Included in his dangerous tweet, the president also floated the idea of staying in office longer that what is constitutionally allowable because his supporters might “demand that I stay longer.”

Ah...The would be dictator emerges with flying colors. Bill Maher has said he would not step down. He would refuse to leave office even if he lost the 2020 election. And would his followers support this unconstitutional move? Of course. Ya got to remember that half the country believes anything a church tells them and denies Darwinian Evolutionary Theory. They are not overly bright and Trump might as well be a TV evangelist.

User Comments

Well, I have news for him....I don't want him to serve a second term much less a third.  He is already trying to be Herr Dictator, what arrogance would he be displaying in a thrid term asuming he managed to convince congress to change the law and allow it.

Don't know, scene, as he is a dictator now and considers himself above the law. Congree isn't really doing much to block him effectively.

Welll, I am still hoping we havent got down the tubes so badly that he will be allowed to continue to stay in office for a third term anyway...but just a second term will be disastereous for most if not all of us in this country.

Scene, if everything stays the same and it would with trump in office for six years let alone ten, all would be lost environmentally. Things would get "Very Very Bad " As he is so fond of saying.

I worry that the country is lost after 2 more years much less 6 or 10.

Definitely, Scene.

American Civil war II.

Jeez that guy really believes all of his fake news.

I'm afraid that could happen, Oak.

Well. Time to get a shot gun and a tin of beans and hide under the bed then.

How about a machine gun, an RPG, aand some grenades, Oak. You can get them here you know.

Yeah. We can only get beds and beans unfortunately.

Actually I think it matters not, oak, this country and the planet are both lost. Extinction will begin in earnest not 10 years from now. Probably in only five.

Wow! So the cure for Alzheimers will coincide with the end of everything.

I don't doubt that you are right.

Move inland Steve.

Actually, Oak, I'd prefer the South West if I remained in the USA. I love the scenery.

Oakie, slipped and deleted your comment but not before reading it. I don't do Trump anymore because I see the comparison between him and your typical TV evangelist. Both have a base of folks that respond to him like evangelicals and too many Germans did to Hitler during WWII.

I blog about other things and write features for newspapers.

I'm in pretty good shape though. Every one thinks I'm 40 at most 50. I walk 6 miles a day even in 100 degree heat and still perform my Karate' katas for an additional work out Jackie Chan style {#basic-laugh.gif}

You're sixty odd, you old bugger! A manly man. And an intelligent individual.

Trump, on the other hand, is a wart on the body of humanity that needs removing pronto.

I think doctors call that kind of wart a melanoma, scene.

An horrendous mass of some kind anyway.

Indeed, Oak. Been gone 10 days, No phone ir Internet due to AT&T external wiring foul up.

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