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Trump & Bush. What A Contrast.

Controversial Content
Added: Saturday, December 1st 2018 at 4:03pm by smfmystery
Trump & Bush. What a Contrast.
by sfmystery ยท
1-December-2018, 7:09 pm

Buenos Aires (AFP) - One US president talked softly, the other harangues. One built international coalitions, the other tears them up. One was a war hero, the other avoided battle.

One was called George H.W. Bush and the other, Donald Trump, is in the White House today.

Trump was among the first of present and past world leaders to praise the life of the 41st president, who died Friday in Houston at 94.

But even Trump's gracious overnight statement highlighted an undeniable -- and uncomfortable -- contrast between the man being remembered and the man doing the eulogizing.

"Hope," "humble," "quiet," "unflappable," "inspired." Words like these dotted the five paragraphs sent from Buenos Aires, where Trump was attending the G20 summit.

They sounded foreign in Washington's current, brutal political landscape -- still more so in the White House.

Bush, who married his teenaged sweetheart, certainly lived a life far removed from the scandals that have dogged Trump, who notably stands accused of paying off a porn star to keep a lid on their secret tryst.

Bush was soft-spoken, steeped in etiquette and diplomatic niceties.

Trump is a zero-sum competitor, a self-described dealmaker whose transactions -- from his New York real estate beginnings to the China trade war -- depend on brinksmanship and often well-timed insults.

Where Bush, an experienced diplomat, was famous for putting together the enormous Desert Storm alliance to push Iraq out of Kuwait in 1991, Trump openly scorns multilateralism.

Even the 45th president himself would never claim to share Bush's old-school manners, perhaps epitomized by the hand-written note that Bush left his election vanquisher Bill Clinton on inauguration day in 1993, wishing him "great happiness."

So Bush's passing immediately left some in Washington in a wistful mood.

"Today boasting & insults are viewed as strong leadership while humility & dignity are viewed as weakness," tweeted Senator Marco Rubio, a man who felt the full force of Trump's competitive instincts when they clashed in the 2016 race for the Republican presidential nomination.

"The passing of our 41st President," Rubio wrote, "reminds us of what true leadership looks like."

- 'Kinder, gentler' -

Bush's biographical details alone stand in stark opposition to those of Trump.

He was a decorated US Navy pilot in World War II, narrowly escaping death at just 20.

He not only worked up through the ranks of elected office, but served as CIA director, UN ambassador and vice president, making him supremely qualified by the time he won the highest office, where he would help to ensure a peaceful end to the Cold War.

Trump certainly has a colorful past in the cutthroat Manhattan business world. His insurgent 2016 election, requiring him to overcome both the Republican establishment and then his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton, stunned friend and foe alike.

But where Bush rushed to join up for war, the young Trump secured no less than five deferments to avoid being drafted to his generation's big conflict, Vietnam.

Where Bush proved his lifelong dedication to US traditions and political institutions, Trump came in with a self-declared mission to turn them upside down.

And where Bush famously called for a "kinder and gentler nation," Trump revels in his image as a tough talker.

"Horseface," "weak," crooked," "slimeball," "loser" are just some of the insults he has thrown out, as president, against those crossing his path.

The top Senate Democrat, Chuck Schumer -- whom Trump loves to label "Cryin' Chuck Schumer" -- said Bush's ability to talk to opponents was what he really misses.

"His yearning for a kinder and gentler nation seems more needed now than when he first called for it," Schumer said.

User Comments

I have seen and read that letter supposedly from trump.  It sounds NOTHING like the man, and I don't think he had anything to do with writting it.  It was probably written by a staffer.

At no point does it even mention anything about trump, and we know if he had written it, it would have been another excuse to brag about himelf, like he did when asked what he was thankful for on thanksgiving this year.

I most sincerely agree scene.

If trump doesn't end up in jail before it is over with, or at least out office, our country is in big trouble.

Well, scene, we might really get lucky. Suppose Trump suffers a stroke that will leave him paralized, but aware of the suffering he has caused others. Painfully so, and the horrors his greed will bring in the distruction of our environment. Love to hear him scream day after day otherwise unable to move . First time shit will come out of his ass instead of his mouth.

oh my, you have a vengeful streak..LOL  The fact is that he is certainly causeing more than his share of suffering.

And Nixon tried to follow the same course scene

But he got stopped...of course it took a while.  So there still hope that trump will be stopped as well.

But Scene, Trump has both the legal system and evangelicals without an adequate education that can be easily lied to. He has big money in his pocket too. It will be harder to grt rid of him.

not saying it won't be hard....but there has to be hope.

I fear for the next 2 years let the 4 following that, scene.

Me too.

Can any past president be compared to Trump, won't think so. A president shouldn't be an embarrassment to his nation.

....And Trump is an embarrassment to our country, sfeastbay. No doubt of that.


Anyone who thinks George Herbert Walker Bush and his entire family are anything but globalist criminals who sold out America have missed reality. The evidence is overwhelming.

To even mention Trump considering he has never been part of the entitled political class in America is shameful. Trump is the very definition of honorable compared to that abomination of a family.

George H.W. Bush is the epitome of the problem with American politics. He made a career of it and has nothing but disasters and treason to show for it. He should have been hung! 

Max, I know little about Bush as I paid little attention to politics up until Trump. I consider both parties utterly corrupt today. That Bush was a war hero did influence me. Trump opted out of combat because he's a coward. If Trump drops dead, two people will celebrate: his wife and I.

I'll never understand someone who admits to paying "little attention" to politics but then wants to take a simplistic view of a political man and call him better than Donald Trump.

Trump is a lotta things, but I'm not gonna shame him for not wanting to fight in a war that was predicated on bullshit. I won't shame any of those men. There are only two things worth fighting a war for. Our property, and the Bill of Rights. They were fighting for neither in Vietnam. The politicians are the ones you should be shaming. People like the Chicken Hawks who Bush surrounded himself with to push his political career. He didn't care about those draft dodgers and neither should you. The damage they've done to this country and regions around the world are plenty... that should concern you. Trump is trying lessen that problem.

Sad that you would want the person dead whose urge is to kill less, for the man who killed so much. You're celebrating evil!

He didn't care about those draft dodgers and neither should you.....   should have been. He didn't care but you should.

You miss the boat, Max, Trump wants to over throw the Bill of Rights Amendment after Amendment, etc. And create a dictatorship. Folks like you are evil because, having been brainwashed ( socialism is not communism ), you support the devil himself.

Well, Max, I was originally honorably discharged from the army for medical reasons, yet, when the Vietnam conflict arose, I tried to sneak back into uniform. The recruiting non - com told me to wait untill I graduated university as officers were needed most. Unfortunately, my discharges was discovered. Trump is a coward.

Bone spurs are a legitimate reason for deferment, it's so well established neither Democrat or Republican establishment figures have keyed on that issue, they'd look foolish. 

The article is horrible, like the man. Simply rife with dishonesty. Quick 3: 1) the deferment nonsense. 

2) CIA director, UN ambassador and vice president, making him supremely qualified by the time he won the highest office, where he would help to ensure a peaceful end to the Cold War. Good Lord. Where do you start? If he didn't direct the CIA to be the rabid off the leash dog it is and has been for far too long, then it was his lack of leadership. What the hell kind of revisionist history is this? Ffs I was there. It was almost completely impossible to not end the cold war peacefully but he managed to do it, and keep the military industrial complex in business. Within two years of the Berlin walls' collapse he got us into a war that saw the slaughter and displacement of millions. "Famous for building an alliance..." on your courtesy, let me in on this, because I don't want to make assumptions about your intelligence. Do you believe this crap, or care whether it's true or not as long as it trashes Trump, or know it's ludicrous? 

Other nations could add their name to an "alliance", do nothing and avoid being on America's shit list. That's not an alliance, it's an ultimatum.

Anyone forwarding the notion a CIA director is supremely qualified for POTUS because of that resume, is insane. The man was neck deep in blood while he"spoke softly". That doesn't make you a better President any more than it made Ted Bundy less of a psychopath. 

3) Notice by the time the author of the piece got around to...."Horseface," "weak," crooked," "slimeball," "loser" are just some of the insults he has thrown out...they had forgotten they started out by labelling Trump a destroyer of compacts, a philanderer, a coward and the antithesis of true leadership? 

There hasn't been an empirical sucession of traitors, perverts, failures and tyrants to match the 4 losers since Reagan since post Augustan Rome. They were literally handed the world, peace, and half the wealth of the globe. They gave their own people, in little more than a generation, perpetual war, internal polarization, international diminishment and 20 trillion of debt. But the man who has brought less boys home in body bags in his two years of service than his two worthless predecessors have any year of the last 16 is the worst thing that ever happened.

It's just painful to grasp how many good impulses have to be contorted and inverted to come to this conclusion.

Jay....Oligargies go further back than imperial Rome. They are the predictable termination of democracies and republics through time. The succession you speak of was one of power with several leaders assassinated, one in his bathtub as I recall.  And, the war in the Middle East continues and the military / industrial complex grows richer ( War is profitable ). In fact, in the US, the poor grow poorer while the rich grow richer in spite of our wealth.

And, after Bush 1, there were 3 other regimes before Trump! Clinton, GW Bush, and Obama. Clinton did absolutely nothing to slow the build-up of Military Extremism in the Middle East. Bush, after 9/11, invaded Afghanistan, then turned on Iraq, which I suspect was because his father stopped short of taking out the leader in '91. However, his actions, then Obama's in Iraq opened the door for Iran to expand thier extremism, and the rise of ISIS. Obama did nothing except to support Islamic terrorists continually! Then Obama and Crooked Hillary engineered the "Arabic Spring, which literally took out our allied leaders and gave their countries to Islamic extremists. When the leader of Egypt turned out to be a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, an extremely terroristic organization, Obama even gave him tanks and aircraft! Then when Egypt took the government back, an angry Obama cut off all aid to them "Leading from the rear"? No, aiding the enemy! Trump had a lot of garbage to take out when he was elected. Some of it required a strong leader who would act, not lead from behind!Citizens today have better jobs, lower taxes,  and more of their wages in their pocket.

However, the liberal socialists saw him, rightfully, as a bulwark against their continuing drive  to socialism, and eventually Communism! So they panicked and have tried to remove him from Office! I'll take Trump anytime!

....us2 and I suppose Trump does not give BILLIONS to the Arabians, far more than Obama. You kbow those guys that flew airplanes into our buldings on 9/11, and is in cahots with Putin. If Trump drops dead at least two people will celebrate : His wife and I {#apploud.gif}

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