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Students Globally Protest Warming, Pleading For their Future. Sorry Kids. Too Many Republicans. Your All Dead

Added: Saturday, March 16th 2019 at 12:15am by smfmystery
Related Tags: environmental issues


WASHINGTON (AP) -- Students across a warming globe pleaded for their lives, future and planet Friday, demanding tough action on climate change.

From the South Pacific to the edge of the Arctic Circle, angry students in more than 100 countries walked out of classes to protest what they see as the failures by their governments.

Well more than 150,000 students and adults who were mobilized by word of mouth and social media protested in Europe, according to police estimates. But the initial turnout in the United States did not look quite as high.

"Borders, languages and religions do not separate us," eight-year-old Havana Chapman-Edwards, who calls herself the tiny diplomat, told hundreds of protesters at the U.S. Capitol. "Today we are telling the truth and we do not take no for an answer."

Thousands of New York City students protested at locations including Columbus Circle, City Hall, the American Museum of Natural History and a football field at the Bronx High School of Science. Police said 16 protesters were arrested on disorderly conduct charges for blocking traffic at the museum.

The coordinated "school strikes" were inspired by 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, who began holding solitary demonstrations outside the Swedish parliament last year.

Since then, the weekly protests have snowballed from a handful of cities to hundreds, fueled by dramatic headlines about the impact of climate change during the students' lifetime. Unless emissions of heat-trapping gases start dropping dramatically, scientists estimate that the protesters will be in their 40s and 50s, maybe even 30s, when the world will reach dangerous levels of warming that international agreements are trying to prevent.

Thunberg, who has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, said at a rally in Stockholm that the world faces an "existential crisis, the biggest crisis humanity ever has faced and still it has been ignored for decades."

Alexandria Villasenor, a 13-year-old co-coordinator of the New York City protest that culminated in a die-in at the steps of the American Museum of Natural History, said while she was pleased with the number of demonstrators, a big turnout isn't the point.

"It won't be successful until the world leaders take some action," Villasenor said.

Dana Fisher, a University of Maryland sociology professor who tracks protest movements and environmental activists, said action could possibly be triggered by "the fact that we're seeing children, some of whom are quite small, talking about the Earth they're going to inherit."

Across the globe, protesters urged politicians to act against climate change while highlighting local environmental problems:

— In India's capital of New Delhi, schoolchildren protested inaction on climate change and demanded that authorities tackle rising air pollution levels, which often far exceed World Health Organization limits.

— In Paris, teenagers thronged streets around the domed Pantheon building. Some criticized French President Emmanuel Macron, who sees himself as the guarantor of the landmark 2015 Paris climate accord but is criticized by activists as too business-friendly and not doing enough to reduce emissions.

— In Washington, protesters spoke in front of a banner saying "We don't want to die."

— In San Francisco, 1,000 demonstrators descended on the local offices of Sen. Dianne Feinstein and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, wanting passage of the massive "Green New Deal" bill proposed in the U.S. Congress.

— In St. Paul, Minnesota, about 1,000 students gathered before the state Capitol, chanting "Stop denying the earth is dying."

— In South Africa's capital, Pretoria, one protester held a sign reading "You'll Miss The Rains Down in Africa." Experts say Africa, with more than 1 billion people, is expected to be hardest hit by global warming even though it contributes least to greenhouse gas emissions.

— Hundreds of students took to the streets of downtown Los Angeles chanting "What do we want? Science! When do we want it? After peer review."

— Thousands marched in rainy Warsaw and other Polish cities to demand a ban on burning coal, a major source of carbon dioxide. Some carried banners that read "Make Love, Not CO2."

— Protests in Madrid and more than 50 other Spanish cities drew thousands. The country is vulnerable to rising sea levels and rapid desertification .

— In Berlin, police said as many as 20,000 protesters gathered in a downtown square before marching through the German capital to Chancellor Angela Merkel's office.

Some politicians praised the students.

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres said he was inspired by the student climate strikers to call a special summit in September to deal with what he called "the climate emergency."

"My generation has failed to respond properly to the dramatic challenge of climate change," Guterres wrote in an opinion piece in The Guardian. "This is deeply felt by young people. No wonder they are angry."

In 2015, world leaders agreed in Paris to a goal of keeping the Earth's global temperature rise by the end of the century well below 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) compared with pre-industrial times.  

Yet the world has already warmed by 1 degree Celsius (1.8 degrees) since then and is on track for an increase of 4 degrees Celsius, which experts say would have far-reaching consequences for life on the planet.

In Stockholm, Thunberg predicted that students won't let up their climate protests.

"There are a crisis in front of us that we have to live with, that we will have to live with for all our lives, our children, our grandchildren and all future generations," she said. "We are on strike because we do want a future."


Jordans reported from Berlin. Rishahb R. Jain in New Delhi; Monika Scislowska in Warsaw, Poland; Nqobile Ntshangase in Pretoria, South Africa; Angela Charlton in Paris; Jari Tanner in Helsinki, Finland; Jan M. Olsen in Copenhagen, Denmark; Olga Rodriguez in San Francisco; Steve Karnowski in St. Paul, Minnesota; Todd Richmond in Madison, Wisconsin; Brian Witte in Annapolis, Maryland; Amanda Myers in Los Angeles; Karen Matthews in New York and Bernat Armangue in Madrid contributed to this report.

User Comments

I think global warming is a big threat, but wasn't most of the United States supposed to be under water by 2020 and what happened to the ozone layer that was being destroyed by aerosol cans. I still see aerosol cans being used in everything from hair spray to oven cleaner and as far as I know the ozone is okay.

It will take longer than that, Marissa, and the entire US, as well as other countries are unlikely to be entirely flooded at the height of the 6th major global extinction event. Our coastlines will look a lot different, but only islands will drown.

Sure spray cans contain the same propellant they once did ? Don't think so.

The young people of today may just our last chance...fortunely so far they seem to be up to the challenge.

But scene, I'm afraid rich folks sinking , say, $300,000 into ocean front property with the intention of passing their homes to their kids and grand kids should think again.

Yeah, you are likely right...but the kids are at least paying attention more than their parents are.

Well, Scene , most Americans over 60, not all, buy most, are not too bright.

and then there are a few under 60 that buy the garbage their older friends dish out.

True, Scene, I'd like to be around when an extinction unimaginable slowlly and painfully destroys their grand kids.

I have said for years that even if the naysayers are right, and man hasn't created global warming...looks like they would want their children and grandchildren to be able to breathe and have clean water. **sigh**

Don't guess, scene, the extinction will take place.

8 year olds? 11-13 year olds? Let's face it; kids that age cannot plan and accomplish something like this! Just as the anti-gun walk-out recently. Socialists should stop using young kids for their political causes! Especially since the warming stopped 20 years ago! Now we may be starting another mini ice age! This "climate change" idiocy is nothing but a political and economical deal! The adults just aren't getting their wishes done so they are stooping to using little kids again! Want to get the government to allocate money? Work with Congress! Yeah, right. They know that Congress won't buy this drivel and underhandedly using kids will only stiffen their refusal and reelect Trump next year!

us2, Trump is a lying criminal and a danger to this country. Just about all his associates are in or going to prison. Warming stopped 20 years ago ? Boy are you behind the times. It's in full swing. The ice caps are melting, ocean levels are rising, and we are having weather shifts never experienced in a 100, years. How about a city in middle America where temperatures dropped to -80. Trump lies. Global warming is real and he has helped murder innocent folks in California with environmental global warming fires and just freezing them to death. Contrary to what he says, global warming influences oceanic temperature regulatory systems that drastically alter global weather patterns. Just wait till this summer us2 and the coming winter. And it will get worse year by year. These kids are smarter than you are.

OK, ice caps are larger that ever today, inter was the coldest at thaT TIME. nasa REPORTS THAT THERE HAS BEEN A PAUSE (STOPPAGE?) OF WARMING FOR 20 YEARS. The warmers place their thermomenters on cemet next to a heat source and scream warming! hOW CAN THE USEFUL IDIOTS KEEP BELIEVING THIS CRAP?

There are about 7-10 degrees between Boston and Houston. Folks are living and thriving in both. (If Bostonites can afford the taxes)

 I still say that it is pitiful to stoop to using kids for political and economical gambits!

us2..The NASA reports I have say different. 12 other reports out of Washington agreed with me too.  Spreading is not as important as thickness of ice caps. That's why huge  chunks of ice are breaking off and dropping into the sea. And you have temperature fluctuations out of the ordinary. I will post any reports I see for you.

It sickens me that a moron like Al Gore has taken over the minds of our children. And the parents are bigger fools than the kids.

nobull, you need to understand that there is a big difference between man produced climate change and normal shifts. Fortunately, shifts have been mild over the last 10,000 years or so and really severe some 40,000 years ago ( last of an ice age ).

Fifty years ago when we were all running around terrified about nuclear war my first ex-wife solved the problem. She put a poster on our wall that said, "Nuclear Free Zone". Sure enough we never got hit. Now she is a leader in the women's movement and a globel warming fool to boot.

My advice, then, is to just put up a sign and relax. It'll all be alright. 

nobull, I have a lot of respect for your EX. Smart gal...She dumped you.

If you want to fix this mess, ALL people need to get on board. THis includes Al Gore, and all the celebs , all the politians who jet set around the world. Who have great big Limos to cart them all around. This isnt just a Republican thing. Start with this problem and call it what it is. 

How can we fix it, if we continue to allow all kinds of illegals into this country? This makes no sense Steve. Think about it. This involves more food to feed them, more vehicles on the already crowed highways, more gas to drive these vehicles, more everything. Have you not seen some of the trash and diseases that Cal. is now encountering. More people, means more trash at the landfills. What is not to understand about this.?

It is the libs who want the illegals here. Not because they care, because of votes.

I agree, wendi, but don't for a second think everyone is going to climb on board, especially those that opt for greed. You see big oil's competition to systematically exploit the Permian Basin oil deposits making us the equal of the Middle East in oil production.

illegals..Making a dent? Surely you jest. But Trump opposes them for no other reason than to block their left votes and to lie to the nation to make himself a lot more than he is. But the left is really no better. They are only interested in votes.

In the end, the results will be the same. Kids and grand kids are doomed. So is all of mankind, which is probably a good thing. But, the earth will recover as it has 5 times before...And, if this recovery is like the others, recovery will yield a new and better earth.

Illegals meaning more cars on the roads, more to feed, more places to rent, this is what I meant. Not to mention, a need for medical, which I think our medical system is overwhelmed now. I dont think ANYONE is getting the quick attention that we need, just going by some of my bad experiences. 

To be fair though. THE one family car is obsolete here and now for every child turning 16, they have a car on the road too. What is the solution??? I dont want to go there, that is a subject for a whole new blog and I dont think many will support my idea. lol

I do think that illegals should build their own countries. If the crime didnt run rampant there, they could get tourism going on again.

Not all countries south of the boarder are crime ridden. Trump justs wants you to think so, wendi. Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, are good places to live, invest in, and retire in.Cheaper too. I'll have to post an overseas opportunity letter for you here. I hope to go to Ecuador as their country takes care of their people and my wife needs medical care unavailable here. I compared crime stats for this country vs theirs and found our country is far worse. I have friends living there and two more families left two weeks ago.

Before Trump, middle class families could own several cars, a house, and send their kids to college. Just try that now.

I do think that anyone entering this country should not be extended special privileges, but, more cars? Got to have fossil fuels for that and the USA is more than willing to supply gas and oil. I met many Mexicans traveling in their country. Many are so poor and uneducated they could hardly pose a threat to us.

Trump's friend Kraft et al runs a worse threat, Asian girls as prostitutes through Florida and South Carolina. The most profitable slave trade in through Atlanta, Georgia.

I dont know about the economy. From  my experiences, we were worse off when Obama was in office. My husband does construction , he got laid off and guess who took their jobs? Mexicans. they work cheaper and live cheaper. It was really a bad situation for us as his unemployment ran out and he wasnt lucky enough to of been given an extension as so many before him that had been laid off received. They stopped it right when he was laid off. For awhile he couldnt even find a Construction job. He had to take a job that paid him much less in a whole other field until something opened up. I forgot exactly how long it was but I want to say close to a year. 

SInce Trump is in office, jobs in this area are plentiful. No joke, so many job openings and decent paying jobs that were not here when Obama was here. In fact, have you seen where they are trying to go after disability fraud to save taxpayers money.? One way they are thinking is some people are and do fraud the govenrment by getting a check and since jobs are so plentiful now, there should be something for those that can to work . BUT some people are able to work but wont. Maybe, it is just the area that some are in. 'I am not trying to defend Trump,just calling it from experience.

wendi, my son's construction firm collapsed in 2007, but he can program computers. As things stand, it would be very wise to get a good education and to do more than one job. One of my students thanked me for getting him off construction work and onto computers. He's a millionaire now. Those from Mexico are unskilled for the most part. Ya gotta be able to do jobs they can't do.

Husband is skilled in other things. He loves doing Construction though. My husband did work on computers years back but he got burnt out. I think in this country that we should be able to pick and choose our career. 

Mexicans are into landscaping, construction, fencing, roofing many things. As I said, bottom line is, they work cheaper. Construction might pay my husband 20.00 an hr. Mexican will work it for 10.00.

I don't know, wendi, I spread myself over a range of interests. I was a teacher, university department head, expedition leader, dealer in tropical reptiles, dealer in fossils, museum designer, and performed marketing research for shopping malls, fast food joints, and Pine Sol. Only thing that brought my family down was an accident, not competition. Has your husband ever considered self employment ?

Oh, the economy NOW is great here. He has a good job, good benefits. No upcoming layoffs in the future. He has worked on many government scale jobs.

I don't care why things have changed for the better, wendi, I'm just glad all is going very well for you and your husband.

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