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Recent Colorato School Shooting...Possible causes.

Added: Sunday, May 12th 2019 at 10:42pm by smfmystery
Related Tags: social media, bullying

It is possible that the two teens involved succumbed to not only face - to- face bullying ending in tragedy, but bullying via social media, and not simply because guns are so easy to obtain in the USA ( though they have resulted in a carnage greater than all the deaths incurred in the Revolutionary War, The Civil War, and the War of 1812 put together ). We as adults can not only disagree, but exchange insults and laugh. Teens can't. Rejection hurts them terribly, and I submit can produce enough stress on them to end really badly for them and both their fellow students and teachers.

I read of boys ranking girls in a school according to their looks by name. Can you imagine how such a ranking could hurt those girls at the bottom of the list. Perhaps that's why a major cause of suicide among teen aged girls has resulted from Internet bullying.

What struck me as important was the fact that the principle shooter at the Colorado school wrote " I hate Christians that hate gays" and he pictured a symbol of Satan on the side of his vehicle. His girl friend classified herself as a male and caught a lot of flack for doing so.

Had he had a proper education he could have responded with logic instead of bullets. Sin and Satan are not real. They are simply excuses for the darker side of human nature. And, there is a very good chance that homosexuality is a product of genetics not choice. The Bible was written by the ignorant. That's why gay men in particular were cursed in scripture, but this kind of thing is not uncommon in a book 2,000 years old.

So, perhaps, restriction of Ipads and cell phones allowing access to social media is called for. After all, the USA has sustained what? 50 + mass school shootings in a year. Worth a try.

User Comments

Something needs to be done....but not likely under the current circumstances.

Indeed, scene. I'm for taking the pressure exerted by social media bullying away at least for a start.

Don't always put the blame on our right to bear arms. Over in the UK people are being killed with knives (also bombs, poison, hammers, axes, and automobiles, et.al.) and now authorities in the UK want to ban knives, thinking it will cut down on the number of murders (no matter that you need a good knife to cut or butter your bread with, just like you need a gun to hunt or protect yourself with.) This banning business is all nonsense because the problem doesn't lie with the weapon of choice. The problem lies with the people yielding those weapons. 

If you take away their gun, they'll use a knife. If you take away their knife, they'll use piano wire. If you take away piano wire, they'll use poison, or bombs, or axes, or rocks. If somebody wants to kill people, they'll use whatever is handy and aside from locking them up in a padded room, you can't take away everything because a person could strangle somebody with their bare hands if they needed to.

What we need is to find a way to foster kinder, gentler societies that teach our children right from wrong. 

Amala, our right to bear arms didn't include machine guns and weapons typical of deployment by soldiers. We are among the top countries reporting carnage via gun fire. Guatemala is bad too, but the UK and Ecuador are not, nor are there as many murders in these two countries as compared to ours via the use of any weapon no matter what Republicans supporting the NRA tell you.

In states that exercize some control over guns, there are far fewer deaths as well.

As teens, kids spend a lot of time at school. There is less time interacting with parents that are actually responsible. Divorces are a dime a dozen too and so are poor examples among parents and adults. Even Donald Trump, the "Night King" and his stooges flaunt the law and basic moral standards. Social media should not be added to the mix.

As a teen I had a collection of WWII weapons and uniforms to include automatic weapons such as a German sub machine gun and a Japanese Nambu light machine gun. School was difficult. My next door neighbor, Mary Ann, took pity on me as I was not popular and struggling with a physical problem. I went with her to the only prom I ever attended upon leaving New York Military Academy, Cornwall on Hudson, The "Night King's" old high school, and entered the public school system. Frustrated, I finally quit obtaining a GED later in life. Still, it never crossed my mind to kill anyone and throughout the country mass murder was not the norm.

It is very difficult to teach kids right from wrong in our society no matter how much you love them and exercise discipline, Amala.

So ... you couldn't deal with high school, quit and had to get a GED? That explains a lot.  {#cool2.gif}

And is probably why I should avoid having any further discussions with you. 

The problem was, Amala, that I was born brain damaged. My parents were told I would never be normal or able to function in society effectively. With the passage  of time, I was given IQ tests at Stevens Institute of Technology. They found that my intelligence, close to 200, shifted, probably due to the original injury. When all was not connected my IQ was below normal.

Strange things occurred in high school. Once I took Spanish and failed. Then I took French and failed. Last but not least, I returned to Spanish, opened the text upon my first day in class, And could read it in French. I retained the ability for a week. This kind of thing happened all the time. Probably because stem cells in my brain as in everyone's were slowly making repairs.

My only sports in high school consisted of the martial arts and track and field. I distained basketball, football, and baseball. I also refrained from joining clicks that rejected other students. I excelled first in fine arts and creative writing. By the time I was in my mid - twenties all repairs were complete. According to MENSA, my IQ is now a permanent value of close to 200...Genius.

You know, why would I suddenly want to take a GED and suddenly score very high on this exam ? I then took non-degree seeking courses at Indiana University accumulating a 4.0 average. All 40 difficult courses in the sciences assuring I would be accepted into a degree seeking program. I then proceeded through five university degrees. I also earned a fellowship in cancer research ( BeV-1 destruction of osteosarcomas and hela cells ) before attending two classes in the biological sciences and coming up with a cure for cancer professors and doctors said should work. If you want details I'll be glad to provide them.

Educationally speeking, I devised a highly advanced system of university teaching cited in " A Descriptive And Interpretive Study Of Instructional Development Programs In Higher education. R. Braden, 1974. University Microfilms International. Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA and London, England.Pages 130 - 131." That earned my invite to VPI to take a doctorate all expenses paid.

I've only expressed the half of my academic career. Perhaps I should refrain from having further discussions with you however I might enjoy them, Amala.

Your I.Q. and your academic prowess appear to be the ONLY things that are keeping you afloat. And that's unfortunate, since those are the two things I dislike about you the most. I hate braggarts and I hate people who are always trying to prove they are smarter than everybody else. 

I simply state facts, Amala. I have no need to brag. And my success at teaching was based on my love for my students and desire to see them succeed. As one mom said : "Why do you work 14 hours a day for our kids. We are not rich?"

A former student said : " all your students loved you because you focused on them, not a paycheck. You wanted to make us stronger and more self confident. You even worked on weekends without pay".

And, Amala, My classes and I recovered rare fossils 37 - million years old. I used them initially as a basis for teaching evolutionary biology and anatomy. Until my wife was injured, I never sold anything. 36 marine species worth millions and a Peudodontorn ( giant bird ) science was not aware off were all donated by my classes to the Charleston Museum, The College of Charleston, and the Carnigie Institute. If I wanted to brag, I would have done so through local and national newspaper and TV media. My classes owe such recognition via one student with always drunk parents. He, not I, not only got us local coverage, but we were featured on ABC's " That's Incredible". Consequently, WESTVACO CORP and the NAVY ( blue crew of the " Lewis and Clark ), fitted us out with not only a large classroom and lab, but a museum and funding for student transportation to  fossil sites and everything we needed. My high school provided me and my student assistants with a glassed in office. I also had a private secretary. Parents built our darkroom.

I've recently assembled a fossil hunting team. We will collect surface fossils, essentially invertebrate and shark's teeth worth upwards of $280 @ via hobby licences. However, if I find something like another saber cat skull woth $300,000, I will sell it on the black market as laws prevent the collection of vertebrates any more. And why not ? even our president flaunts the law, why shouldn't I ?

Then my female fossil hunting group will be able to stop working low paying jobs and my aide, Cortney, an African American mom of four with no husband, and her kids, whom I support financially, Sande' and I will be off to Ecuador where my wife will get universal health care, care our f...king government denies her. That's why I must hear her scream in agony at the nursing home every day.

You call this self seeking praise so commonly seen in Donald Trump, with no sign of empathy or caring for others, Amala ?

"I simply state facts"

Yea, "facts" that could be kept private, "facts" that could be kept to yourself for humility's sake. Nobody could brag about you because you are too busy bragging about yourself. You make me sick!

OK...So the local and national media should have shut up as well, Amala ? They didn't think so.

Perhaps you haven't heard. The media floats around a lot of fake news. 

So your saying that it was a mistake to think  blagster was going to be anything like multiply. Seems few have lived outside the box and most of those are jealous of those that have. Remember Steve not to share experiences with brain dead zombies. Like Amala.{#basic-frown.gif}

Oh, so we're resorting to name calling are we? Consider yourself blocked from my site unless and until you write a formal apology.

I'm, Sorry Amala. I should really remember to mind my manners especially around a lady. You have my sincere apology. I get mad when others call me a liar or resort to name calling...I should refrain from being just like them.

I wasn't calling you a liar and I didn't resort to name calling. You did that.

I was just trying to relay my displeasure with a man who is always tooting his own horn. You brag too much and I don't like it when people brag. I especially don't like it when academics assume they're smarter than everyone else just because of a number on an I.Q. test. You're not the only sharp tool in the shed and you won't always be the sharpest. 

I accept your apology but I will be setting a probationary period in which you MUST be on your best behavior AT ALL TIMES. Any more name calling or dispersions on my character and the block will become permanent. 

Thank you Amala. It is difficult to get out of the habit of selling myself and my experiences. The former was key to my success in developing new educational programs and I wished to share experiences with others as I do on other sites and did on Multiply without being attacked consistently.

Believe me, I don't consider myself the sharpest tool in the shed. There are others on my friend's list that have gone just as far as I have and further. I have three of their published books and Chris Sampson was not only beautiful, she was a dancer that never went to college and yet designed her own house, could easily have qualified as a vertebrate and invertebrate paleontologist at the Ph.D level ( self taught ), led museum teams on fossil recovery expeditions, fashioned beautiful ceramics and painted portraits on commission. She was also a great writer. I have examples of everything, to include photos , drawings, writings, and fossils she sent me. I would not even consider myself her equal, and that goes for yellowrose as well. We penned stories together, she penned her own, she fashioned wonderful ceramics and painted beautiful pictures ( degree in fine arts ), She operated her own successful businesses making as much as $80,000 just for her art work. We both functioned as advisers on "Creative Souls" for some time. Kim, previously on blogster, created her own website ( Shmooezone.com ) when Multiply crashed. She built my $6,000 custom made and programmed tower computer for a $1,000, tossed in a wireless keyboard free, and designs web pages for clients. Could I do that...Not a chance, Amala. She and yellowrose have very high IQs as well and Chris's was probably out of sight.

My problem here is that too many folks are threatened by anyone that's lived outside the box successfully. I remain because I've long time friends here.

You really should learn how to scale back your posts so they aren't so wordy. Look at the response you just left me. It looks like a page out of War and Peace. Sometimes less is more. 

Some times, Amala, it takes enough words to make sure your position is understood.

This is much better. {#thumbs_up.gif}

mental illness is prolific and for years has been ignored by everyone.  A bandaid here a pill over there, but all of that was to placate not to cure or eradicate any mental illness - give it a pretty name and a pill and off you go to brave the world.  You know this first hand.  You live it.

Lips, I have seen very little evidence of mental illness save in racists and religious fanatics. I do know that a growing number of teen females commit suicide in response to social media and school bullying. And then there are those on opiates. I've never taken any psych meds. Sorry to disappoint you. You seem a likely candidate for a psycho ward though. LOL

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