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Pangea Ultima The Continents 250-Million Years From Today.

Added: Tuesday, August 13th 2019 at 6:49pm by smfmystery
Related Tags: evolution
Pangea Ultima The Continents 250-Million Years From Today.
by smfmystery ·
13-August-2019, 9:49 pm

Several maps of what Earth's continents will look like fused 250- million years from now when mankind had been rendered extinct and the world has recovered balance.



Wish I could be around to appreciate seeing the planet devoid of evil politicians, religions, and mankind. Think I'd miss music and some positive achievements of us humans though. But if this new world is anything like the previous five, it will be beyond human imagining. Complex ecosystems never before in existence and fantastic evolutionary leaps forward with respect to new forms of life and their number.

Think I'll forgo even watching the news now. No use in doing so much less copy and pasting what I've read. The country is sinking like the Titanic and the rest of the world with it.

I'll discontinue my Chronicles too as they take time to assemble and though I thought folks would enjoy them, few do.

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