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Nursing Home Week Celebration

Added: Tuesday, May 14th 2019 at 10:39pm by smfmystery
Category: About Me > About Me > Family
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This week is Nursing Home Celebration Week at my wife's facility. The first time out, I posed with staff for a picture of all of us before joining Sande' in her room. Next day was sports day. Staff wears something associated with sports, usually basketball, football, or baseball. Not me as my sport for nine years was in the martial arts ( Karate' Tiger Form and Judo ). I walked into my wife's nursing home wearing my martial arts attire. First I entered the Head Of The Facility's office. I bowed looking up at her and giving the traditional karate' salute : Bowing, right fist into the open palm of the left hand. Miss Cristie laughed up a storm. Other nurses and nursing assistants recognized my outfit so I got a lot of female attention.

They asked me about my love life. How long had I been married to Sande'? I replied near on 40 years. they were all amazed. Apparently all women want today is money. I replied that that was the reason why 60% of American spouses do not keep their vows. They cheat on each other, and as for marriages, most last for an average of just Five Years. It is true, however, that before marriage a man had best have a good education and a job in a field that he loves. That way, he can provide his wife with not only true love, but security and a good home in which to raise a family. And she can trust and respect him.

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