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Mass Murder....

Added: Friday, March 15th 2019 at 8:39am by smfmystery
Related Tags: serial killers
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User Comments

Horrible! Whatever his personal feelings, this kind of attack happens far too often to be acceptable!

...And isn't interesting that states in our country,us2, with the fewest restrictions on guns ( especially automatic weapons ), continue to have the greatest number of mass murders ( defined as 5 or more folks killed ).

Monkey see, monkey do.

Every mass murder uses the last mass murder to justify his own crimes. Thus the numbers of killings grows exponentially. The same "logic" is running wild among the radical Leftists. To them anyone who voted for Trump, supports the existence of Israel, owns a gun or doesn't believe in global warming is a racist/homophobe/sexist/etc who needs to be hated. They no longer know the difference between love and hate....just as Orwell predicted in "Nineteen eighty four." 

Actually nobull, there is more right wing murders and terrorism in the US even than Islamic attacks. Let trump list anyone opposed to him in any way and radical right wing nuts send them pipe bombs and slaughter them with fire arms. You don't see the left wing doing that. Correct me if I'm wrong with supported evidence.

Thanks for commenting...but dream on.

Well...nobull..Sometimes the dark side of being a scientist knowing how to do research places me outside the crowd.

Some people are mentally deranged, what sets them off in their minds is not always understandable. It seems he had a death wish to venture into something as bizarre as this was. The media will play this over and over. He will get his 15 mins. of fame. Society will go on as if nothing happened. 

I think this world is accepting this as the norm. To many people will just forget in time as 9/11. Crime runs rampant but yet, we have those who dont really think a harsh punishment is suitable for some of the worse crimes. 

As far as capital punishment goes, wendi, I disagree with the govenor of California and side with Trump. However, Trump is dangerously mentally ill with narcissistic personality disorder. It makes him an unfit president. " I've just posted a message relieved in which Trump threatened to make sure those that opposed him would suffer a bad time at the hands of the military, police, and bikers. That's straight up dictator talk and mental instability.

Steve, I havent seen this yet. I agree, if he said this, that is not good. I always figured that hilly was power hungry too. Just my thoughts.

You are dead on, wendi

This is a duplicate...I commented on the other one.

Unfortunately scene blogster double posted. It won't be the first or last time.

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