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Creepy "vampire" skull

Added: Monday, February 11th 2019 at 8:13pm by smfmystery
Related Tags: belief, diseases

The Venetian Vampire

The creepy skull of a 16th century plague victim was discovered in a mass grave with her jaw forced open by a brickā€”an exorcism technique used on suspected vampires in Europe at the time. The skull was the first of its kind that supported the medieval belief that vampires were behind the spread of plagues like the Black Death.

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marissa...And shows how slow science progressed during the Dark Ages. The Vampire and werewolf legends can be traced to outbreaks of rabies in the Carpathian Mountains. It still persists there today.

That's very interesting.

Completed a paper for history at university, Marissa.

That looks painful. Wonder if she also got a stake to the heart?

I didn't post it, Amala, but I found a photo of a "vampire" skeleton with a metal stake in the heart. Didn't Know metal, like silver, was used on vampires. Thought metal was reserved for werewolves and wooden stakes for vampires. The body pictured had also been buried face up. Supposed vampires were buried face down with mouths stuffed with wolf bane.

That does sound odd. Aspen wood is what is recommended to make a stake to kill a vampire, and only Aspen. Other woods are said not to work. I wouldn't think metal would either. It's just a hunch but maybe the guy they found was just a guy who had been mistaken for a vampire. 

But, Amala, I'd expect him to be buried upside down with wolfbane in his mouth, not a brick.

True. I've never heard of using a brick but who can say what ignorant people will try when they're scared? Wolfbane is usually employed against werewolves, not vampires. So why put it in a vampire's mouth? Or bury him upside down? In any case, historically there usually isn't much left to bury when you kill a vampire other than a little dry dust. 

Amala, there are so many accounts. Some say wolfbane in both their mouths. Same with being buried upside down. Some recipes require cutting off their heads. The dust point is a good one LOL.

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