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A Most Interesting Day

Added: Tuesday, February 5th 2019 at 8:45pm by smfmystery
Related Tags: experience

Yesterday, my wife lay in her hospital bed screaming in pain. Her hip, badly injured in a car wreak, was the cause. She begged God for His help, but it was not forthcoming. Then I got an idea: I knew cortisone , a anti - informatory steroid, could not be injected into her knee. That, more or less, insured she would never walk again. I mean the stinking US government won't assist because effective treatment would take too long. But....What about her hip ? I had a doctor write a referral to an orthopedist. The X-ray he showed me indicated all the cartilage between the head of my wife's femur and her hip was nearly worn away. He was glad I arranged for him to see her when I did. If I had not, she might be looking at hip replacement surgery all to soon. I was told that my suggestion that she have steroid injections in the hip might at least reduce my wife's pain significantly. He proceeded and I drove back to the hospital with Sande' in anambulance. She was no longer screaming when I left for the day...Sometimes ya gotta fly wing man for your mate.

Only to find that my rediculously high water bill was due to theft...Probably at night. I will get special locks to place on my outside spickets at a hard ware store tomorrow.

You know, if someone was in need of water and could not afford it, all they need do is ask. They need not steal from me. I would help them. I'm not your average Christian. I reject all organized religions and I'm an evolutionary biologist....But my helping people matters not at all. I'm condemned to hell by clergy.

Got to assist my aide as well. She rents the land her trailer sits on and for 12 years her landlord periodically drained her septic tank. When he died, his brother wanted the rent, but didn't want to keep up septic tank drainage. Consequently, sewage was backing up into my aide's home. When she complained to me, I smiled, she had an implied contract. She told the ass hole that if he failed to drain her tank, he'd have to see me...And he really wouldn't want to meet me ( guess she must have implied I was "Proud Mary's" counterpart ). By noon last Friday, my aide's tank had been drained.{#apploud.gif}

User Comments

Sometimes, it simply requires getting "direct" to get things truely taken care of.

I can't figure why, in the case of my wife, medical staff couldn't figure out what I did, Scene. I'm really glad I have a science background. That can get one more than a good job.

Medical people often focus on one thing...and fail to notice a lot of other things.  My mother had health issues...and part of it was nerves/mental, but everything that went wrong was "her nerves"

The second doctor focused on her disease.

They tend to focus on their first diagnosis and often miss other things.

I don't know why either.


Scene, I only know that I'm glad I can fly wing man for my wife because of my scientific and medical research background.

So .. you came back to Blogster ?  

How is Sande doing / feeling now since this was posted?

How are you doing?


Not as well as I could be doing not having been deprived of our conversations. I mean that. Thought I'd lost you in the misty mountains somewhere...How can I write stories deprived of your inspiration, Rose ? I promise to write more if you return here.

Sande' is terribly depressed and her memory is fading. She cannot move from her bed. I visit her every day and fight for medical attention no one will give her unless I push them hard. Thank God I have the education I have, or her hip alone would prove so painful, she'd be screaming 24/7.

Hope you and yours are doing well. It is so refreshing to hear from you again.

aww so sweet .. thank you!  I know .. I keep saying I will come back and stay for a while but seems I get distracted and fly away again. But I do miss a handful of friends here and want to spend more time with them.  Course you know you are in that handful. While here I went through my list of friends and so many have not been here for so long.  Wondering if I should or should not remove them?  

So sorry to hear that about Sande. Isn't she a bit young to be losing her memory?  Please tell her I said hello.

We are all doing okay here!  Plugging along doing what needs to be done and enjoying the rest. Good to hear from you too.  I'll do my best to come here more often. 

I posted another copy of the original "Magic Box" expressly for you. Glad to see you and yours are fine. Yes, Sande' is too young for progressive memory loss. I will have to institute speech therapy myself.

Without you, my writing is non - existent. Please return and reincarnate the fun we had writing and talking art in the good old days.

Please tell Sande I said hello .. and that I still have and wear the jewelry she made for me.  Sometimes I coordinate and wear two necklaces at a time .. the beads she used are all so pretty not to show off.

Good old days are to be remembered .. are not lost but can't nevr be lived again.  But we are still who we were only improved and wiser..and we certainly can make new memories to add to the book.  

Life is hard here, Rose. Feel like a battlefield commander. But I got Sande' back on speech therapy today which should restore her memory ( cause was not age, but huge doses of antibiotics for blood poisoning consequences of using a cath to drain her bladder at night. Otherwise up all night changing her diapers every half hour. These powerful drugs can compromise hearing, eyesight, and short term memory as they did me there for awhile, but I was in much better condition and still am ).

I'll ask her if she will let me send you more jewelry. It is doubtful she will ever wear any again. She was most pleased when I told her we had communicated. Think I have your address.

Have assembled a team of fossil hunters, one, and this is true, is a suicide model. Doing a lot of walking, exercising, and resuming karate' katas to get into condition to ply the fossil beds as soon as it gets warmer.

A very large Meglodon ( giant great white shark extinct and 50 feet long was found in North Carolina days ago ). It is a species found here as well, though my objective is to find a Smilodon skull ( saber - toothed tiger ), worth $300, 000@. I'm looking for anything that will get Sande' the best possible care and, if possible, bring her home.

I know the past few years have been very hard on you and Sande boh.  Especially you since you are the caretaker. The things we do for the people we love...  I know if it hadn't been for you Sande would not have made it through this far ..she would not be here today.  But you've got to remember to take care of yourself too.  If you're not well .. Sande will never have any hopes of getting better and well enough to return home.  So, take good care of yourself.  If you don't, who will?  A good friend and I were talking about this very thing just yesterday.  How we have gone out on a limb, neglected ourselves to take care of others when we could have used some TLC at one point or another as well. It is not selfish to like / love oneself enuogh to take care of our needs and wants first. In doing that, we are able to take care of others.

I still have the box of shark teeth you sent me. I know exactly where they are.  I had thought to make pendents with them. I think I read once to wear a shark tooth necklace for protection and good luck. Course I don't know if that is true or if it works but hey, is worth a try isn't it?

Are you really up to fossil hunting?  Is such heavy work. Maybe you don't intend to do the digging, only supervise the group, teach them how and what to do.

Yep Rose, my doctor told me that if I didn't take care of myself I'd be back in the hospital and, this time, I'd leave in a box.

I take care of my aide, a faithful friend to Sande' and I, but she is underpaid. She has 4 kids and no husband. Last week, her landlord once again failed to honor an implied contract to clean out her septic tank. It was backing up into her trailer. I told her to inform him that he'd have to deal with me if he failed to comply. My aide's septic tank was drained that very afternoon.

Now, my aide's property was taken from storage behind her home where most of it had been kept for 12 years. The cops did not ask her the right questions. I think I know who took  her goodies.

Sande' wants you to have more of her jewlry. I will send some shortly. I think I know your address. She was most pleased to hear that you enjoy what she sent you.

I'll find more shark's teeth....That's a given. Will have to get you some more.

Fossil hunting is divided into several parts: scouting fossil beds, excavating fossils found, cleaning and preparing them . We do the latter with dremmel tools and ex-dental picks. A special fossil Harding solution is applied also, Chica. Actual extraction from a fossil bed usually only requires 2 digging tools : an ice pick and a hunting knife. The hard part is lifting a large fossil out of a fossil bed and depositing it in the back of a truck. Sections of my mysticete whale skull weighed from 150 to 250 pounds each. It sold in Arizona for $53,000.

I'll have to post some pictures on my page for you to see. I'll add a few shark's tooth necklace shots for you to see as well.

No matter what my participation requirements are, Chica, they must be met. As you pointed out, my Sande' depends on me and me alone.

I hope you listen and follow your Dr's orders! I understand you have a responsiblity to provide for and take care of Sande and she would do the same for you if the shoes were on her feet instead of yours.  You two have been to hell and back many times and both are still here and togeher. That's what I call sticking it out to the end. What would happen to her if you were not here to take care of her?  Yeah, don't even need a answer to that question.  So, take care of yourself.

Yes I remember the story of you finding and selling the big fossil.  Amazing!  With good help you could find  more. I had seen shark teeth made into jewerly before and are quite stunning. Some were gold plated, some with gens added in which I might try and do.  I am not much of a jewelry artist but would be fun to try.

Your poor aide is a victm of a MCP.  He sees her as helpless and weak because she is struggling to survive and take care of her children. I hate men like him  And for someone to steal her only worldly goods has to be low life scum of the earth.  I hope whoever took her things will soon be caught and serve some time behind bars.

You know I would love to have some more of Sande's jewelry but don't want her to give it all away. Please tell her I said thank you.

Is she able to do her jewelry creations where she is at? 

No, Rose, Sande' has ropes of necklaces and scads of earrings all over our home. I believe I could send you a box of it and nothing would ever be missed. I had a good thing going before I ended up in hospital and so did she. I walked away, but she was sent to Pruitt nursing home, where all they did was toss her in bed. I got her to a doctor when I got her into a decent home near me so I could visit her everyday, but the damage was done, Now she can't roll over in bed without severe pain let alone walk. While she was home I had 2 at home therapy agencies working with her. She could walk through the House and produce Jewelry. Now I'm trying to find a way to sue Pruit because they did not keep her on the therapy regimen she was entitled to.

My will leaves everything to my aide. If Sande' got anything directly, the state would take all from her. Cortney loves Sande'. She is like a daughter to us. I pay her under the table and see to her needs when difficulties arise. Cortney will move into our home and care for Sande' if I pass.

The cops here did not know how to proceed with my aide's case. Had to tell them who to question, what questions to ask of those persons of interest, and I had to tell them to put names in a nationwide computer system that would tell police if those I think robbed Cortney had criminal records.

No, Rose, Sande' can't produce jewelry at the nursing home .

What a shame Sande cannot create jewelry in the nursing homw.  What does she do all day long? Does the staff get their patients up and out of bed for a awhile? I know in this day and age people are living longer and the homes are full which requires more help. Some of those people who are hired to help are only there for the paycheck.  Knew of a family whose mom was mistreated and neglected. The stories they have to tell are disheartening and alarming. 

I know you aand Sande are fond of your aide and grateful for all she has done and do for the both of you.  You two are very generous.

Rose, I best be at Sande's side every day I can be. She would be neglected if it were not for me. I got a nurse and a CNA fired after dressing them down like a marine first Sargent on a drill field. Most are a bit afraid of me. Sande's main nurse now is competent and most kind. So is Nikki, her main CNA. We are actually close friends.

I'm pretty good friends with patients and most staff as well. I know evryone by name and African Americans know I'm not a racist.

Did have some fun with the main administrator though. A black staff member was in her office when I lodged a complaint. At the end of my rant, I told the administrator I'd have to call in "Proud Mary" to wack folks that didn't do their jobs. The black staff member broke out laughing. The administrator looked at me a confused expression on her face. She asked the black staff member if he knew who Proud Mary was. He replied that she really didn't want to know.

" Proud Mary" is the title of a movie about a black female assassin.

I'm trying to get Sande' her own TV. I finally got her back on speech therapy. With physical therapy via Medicare, Sande' could walk again, but the rotten maggot filled carcass...all that is left of the Republican party, won't pay for treatment. So Sande' will lay in bed for the rest of her life if my fossil expeditions are not successful.

This is not my country anymore, Rose. If my fossil hunts are really successful, I'll take Sande' to Ecuador. They have universal health care and you can rent a house, a maid, and a driver, plus meeting monthly expenses, for around a $1,000 a month. They need my skills and will even pay me to introduce potential expats to live in Ecuador. Several friends have already left to live there and I know a very rich family in the country.

Do what you have to do / can do to keep Sande comfortable for the rest of her life.  And yes, I know you will ....

Yes, Rose, in Ecuador I should be able to not only make her comfortable , but I have a chance at getting her back on her feet. Can you believe that Doc, a friend and partner of mine in the creation of a herpetological society, was bitten in the face by a crocodile during a visit to our organization's field station on Trinidad. A hospital stay and extensive and most successful plastic surgery cost him just $26.50. That's twenty - six dollars and fifty cents. Try to get those benefits in America.

Why isn't your house on the market yet?  Sell off your goods, pack what you want to take and get going! You are wating time sitting around waiting for what?  Take your aide and her kiddos with you.

My home now was built in the 1960's, Rose, Sande' and I lost our dream home following Sande's accident. I sold that one for twice what I paid for it and it and the property it sits on is now worth an estimated $900, 000. Will take my aide, her kids, and Dava with us if my fossil team is anywhere near as successful as my teams were in the past.

Sounds like a plan .. have you contacted any of the members of the Fossil team yet?

Yep I understand about losing a dream home.. Mine I shared with R was worth that much when I left him 9 years ago.  Would have been a huge battle to keep it. Him being a atty and a shark at that I just didn't have the funds to fight him.  We were like the couple in the movie War of the Roses..  haa  

All my team is ready, Rose.Cortney, my aide, and I will scout fossil beds first. If we locate anything we will call in the rest of the team....And we will find lots.

Did you know that some of the richest fossil beds in the world underlie Texas ?

Fighting people like your EX is like fighting the government. They tried to deprive my wife of financial assistance coming to her 5 times. I acted as her lawyer. You can do that if you represent yourself and yours. It isn't generally advisable, but my dad was a lawyer and taught me a lot. I won every case in part because I acted aggressively and didn't allow government scum to intimidate me.

Bet I could have helped you. Would have enjoyed having a shot at it.

Yes I did know about the abundant supply of fossils in Texas.  Will you and Courtney be traveling to Texas to hunt for any?  If y'all do, best to come before it gets too hot here, or y'all will burn out and become fossils yourselves.  haa   But seriously .. July / August is scorching hot here.

Yeah, divorce is never a easy thing to go through no matter what.  Just sucks that I walked away with very little but I did end up with most of the furniture and I was happy / thankful for that. You should have seen me trying to squeeze all my big furniture into that small house.  haaa  it was hilarious but it actually looked nice even though a little crowded.  What wouldn't fit had to be stored in a climate controled unit. I am so glad those days are over.

I think we knew each other before I left the ex .. but maybe not for long.  It would have been nice to have someone to advise me or make suggestions how to handle and fight against a attorney husband.  He was a mean one!

I'd love to venture to Texas, Rose, if only to meet with you and T face to face. I love the South West anyway. Wish Sande' and I had settled there.

It will get very hot here too. It's in the 70's and 80's and it's only early March. Hope you are not getting the terrific storm I heard about on the news tonight.

I helped another gal on Multiply get a divorce. She didn't think she would walk away with anything, but her husband was a truck driver. She got everything. In Texas, a couple is legally held to their vows. A husband better not ignore or betray his wife. There are always loop holes, but you must know the law before you go to war. We might have caught your EX in his own forest, Rose.

God that would have be glorious to have kicked his butt because the things he did to me was so wrong.  "sighs"  I guess all I can hope for now is for karma to catch up with him and make him pay for all the wrong.  He is alone, did not remarry, not yet anyway. It has been 10 yrs since we signed the divorce papers, sooo ..... just maybe he has no interest in getting married again. ?  Who knows and I don't really care what thet asshole does.

Yes..it would be nice to have met both you and Sande while she was still somewhat mobile.  And I know as long as she is around you need to be nearby to assist her.  You are probably the highlight of her day.  And her Life.

Rose, Sande' is dying. She is in pain and is easily confused. I see hopelessness in her eyes every day. It breaks my heart. And to think I once had more than enough money to afford her proper care that now our lousy government Deny's her. She was such an amazing woman, Rose. We both contributed significantly to science, medicine, and to education. And she unselfishly saved the lives of 4 Indian children in the Jungle. But it does not matter in this country if you can no longer pay taxes to a corrupt government.

I was married 3 times. I lost my first wife and divorced my second whom I never should have married, but when I left I gave her everything. After all, she loved me and I broke my vows. Why should she suffer any more than would occur at our parting. Sande' and I have been married for many years. I never experienced your nasty problems. Wish I'd been around to assist you. You are not the kind of person that deserved what you ended up with. I'm just glad you ended up with T.

Yep I know it gets hot in the Carolinas too.  Probably as humid as we are here in Central and SW Texas.  Up North and West Texas humidity is drier.  I miss the drier Texas climate. Still gets warm but minus the sticky humidity.

sounds a nice climate xx

It is Caroline!  Hi!  How are you?

Yeah, Rose, I love deserts and mountains rising up out of them. But...I love jungles as well, especially those in ecological balance that prevents uncomfortable conditions experienced where I am.

good to see you ,,enjoy the weekend...its windy here   xx!{#apprehensive.gif}   st patricks festival  soonx

High Mrs Greenfairy. Glad to see you here. How have you been ?

{#giveflowers2.gif} {#greeny.gif}

It is always good to hear from you Caroline!  Do you realize how long we have known each other?  A long LONG time. Norm just crossed my mind...do you hear from  him anymore?

St. Patty Day came and went .. people and parties were everywhere.  A lot of hooting and hollering.  For one day we all are Irish.  haaa!

The temps and weather have been so beautiful here.  No heat or A/C needed.. We will enjoy 3 more months of it before it turns for warmer.  Then ON comes the A/C for 5~6 months.  Drop me a pm note fill me in when you get a chance to.  XO

Have you gathered a team to dig for fossils yet?  I guess you plan to stick close to home and dig?

Hi Rose, thought my war with Sabrina might have turned you against me. According to her, I'm a child molester, you know. Do you believe her ? She is an insane, compulsive liar that has sought to ruin the reputations of others with slander, among them : Dava ( satinandlace ), DJ, Wendidawn, and I ).I've copied all she has written as my lawyer advised and stored it away.

But I digress: Yes, my team of 5 is assembled. My aide, Cortney, and I will scout out my old sites first to see if they are still accessable after 2 years when it stays warm enough. All sites require walking through water.  One site is a river and beach that can be accessed easily. The news here reported that visitors to the beach found an extinct shark's tooth bigger than your hand a week or so ago.

I'll get the entire team together if a fossil is located. Sites are about 2 hours away from Sande', and time on site is limited due to tide changes ( approximately 5 hours per low tide ).

Thought of you when I came across a picture of a giant flower in the Amazon Jungle. Will post a picture of it and a bit of humor too.

Hope all is going well.

Hi Steve .. I know nothing about you molesting children.  It has never occurred to me you might be a child molester. Why would anyone think that? Does it have anything to do with any of your political posts? I stay away from those simply because we are not on the same page in regards to politics.  I see your titles and know it's best I don't read those posts.

I would love to see the jungle flower.  I bet it is gorgeous.   My gardens are coming back to life..slowly but surely.  I have a feeling it is going to be beautiful sight this Spring / Summer / Fall.  We didn't have much of a winter to speak of.

I keep saying I should post photos here on Blogster of gardens 2018. Maybe I will after the weekend. T is renting a sod cutter to put in a new flower bed this weekend.  Since the property is small, it may be the last one I put in.  We are still talking about moving one more time before he retires. Not sure if we will stay in the Austin area or move back to my West Texas childhood town.  We'll see what happens.

all well tyu  x

{#apploud.gif} {#apploud.gif} {#drinking33.gif} {#drinking33.gif} {#dancing6.gif} {#dancing6.gif}

Rose...Sabrina will use anything that comes to mind to hurt people. She might have selected child molestation based on my defending Dava ( satinandlace ) who she would have  forced off Blogster had it not been for me.MamaKat thanked me privately for getting Dava to stand her ground. and Dava hates Sabrina to this day.

I think Sabrina assumed Dava was a child, while, in fact, she's now going on 54. Sabrina just capitalized on this assumption to the point she posted pictures of old guys with signs around their necks listing my name as child molester. If I went to her page, she would delete any comment in my defence.

I don't think anyone now or looking back can or could find any communications between a minor and I. But Sabrina will lie to further the destruction of others.

Yes, I copied a number of anti - Trump posts, mainly from Yahoo News here. Some posts were from other unbiased sources. When I copied one in part, Sabrina accused me of cheating. When I told her to examine other posts citing my sources, she declined.

Talk about baring false witness ? Sabrina is an expert.

The flower is huge and beautiful, but comes with a catch LOL

I know we are not on the same page politically, but I'm coming to the conclusion that anything anti - Republican / Trump should not concern me. What will happen will happen. This is funny because all my life I've been a capitalist {#crosseyed.gif} {#crosseyed.gif}

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