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Eyes in Space

Added: Thursday, February 23rd 2012 at 8:03pm by skinnyguy
Category: Travel

I stumbled upon an interesting article tonight that talks about how being in space can affect the eyesight of male astronauts.   Some slowly recover and others appear to have no improvement.  Apparently women are not affected.   It's something I never thought about for space travel, and it sounds like not a lot of others have done so either.  

Anyway, the link is below:


User Comments

Getting old affects your eyesight--male and female!!!!

GM - No kidding, Sherlock.  Especially after your 29th birthday.

WOW!!! And I'll only be 19 on Wednesday!!!!


Kat - Yeah, I thought so.

Hmmmm....that is interesting information.  Hadn't run across that before. 


Mama - Me neither.  Learn something new every day, I guess.

Since I'm not current on space travel and the like....I found this article and info interesting and something that never crossed my mind previously.

MM - Kind of think it never crossed a lot of minds.  One of those scientific "oh s****" moments when they start to see unintended consequences on a project. 

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