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One day

Added: Friday, September 9th 2011 at 5:54am by sizedontmatter
Category: About Me > About Me > Emotions

After ages, i'm here again.

i have cried today. again. I saw you just a week ago, after 3 months. Is that enough? No. I still linger for your kisses, your skin, your breath on my neck, i still need your presence next to me. For a brief moment I,'m back to my old self, but this happen just when I am with you. I laugh, I smile, I don't care about the rest of the world. I am happy.

When back here  in this small flat, with the grey sky outside and you far away, it starts again. I wish i could turn back time, i would have done so many things differently, I wouldnt have let you leave, I would have battle for you, doesn't matter if it was right or wrong. But i didnt. I let you go. I let you go on that road for 4 years. 8 months remaining and then we will be together. I cant wait to get out of this prison, in my thoughts, in my body, in my life. I need you. The wait is killing me.

Im so eager to start my life with you and scared at the same time, usually beautiful things get broken. you promised it wont happen to us that we will have all the time, we will get married, have kids and see each other grey hair.

You cannot even imagine how much i Love you and desire the same things as you, how much, I wish to wake up and hope that all of this was a dream. until it is finished, until we will be able to laugh about it one day, I cannot be myself without you.

I miss you so  so so much in my life, you turned it upside down, I never felt anything like this ever and as soon as I had a taste of the sweet you, you went away. this scar will not heal babie, until I will have you, until all our plans, desires, hope will come true.

Today I have cried, but deep inside I know we will have all that our hearts desire. Because something like this doesnt happen to anyone. doesnt go like dust in the wind. What we have is so strong, beautiful and amazing that God will help us.


I have cried today, i miss you.. hurry up........

ti amo emmo

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Great poem...some time ago I may have gotten teary eyed over it... Here is the url link to the video on my post "Well isn't this something"... Have a laugh!


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