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The Most Recommended Online Marketing Tools

Added: Friday, April 28th 2017 at 7:59am by sixteent
Related Tags: marketing, web marketing

When you decide to start business with internet as the marketing basis, it means you must be ready to use some kinds of online marketing tools . Yes, without those tools, it looks like we are joining a war without any weapons. Indeed, it is still possible to gain more visitors or customers without any tools to help. However, something that you should not forget is regarding the strategy as well as you must work harder also. In the marketing business using internet, the tools and software will ease you more to compete and also make your job be simpler. So, what are the tools that are considered helping you a lot in your internet business? Check them out.


Buffer is basically a kind of tools that are able to schedule your post in the social media based on the times that we have determined before. This tool is not only beneficial for the internet marketers but it is also good for bloggers to ease then in sharing the articles that have been published automatically. The more interesting thing about Buffer is its ability not only to schedule the post on the Twitter or Facebook but also Linkedln, App.net, and Google+. It supports the service of RSS up to 15. It means you can connect your Buffer account to other 15 RSS at once.


Hootsuite is one of the platforms or tools that are used to manage all your social media accounts. The functions of Hootsuite are actually not really different from Buffer. Even, it can be said that both are just the same. The differences are only placed on the features and facilities available. The social media that can be connected to Hootsuite are basically more than those for Buffer. However, it just allows the users to connect only three accounts at once. The excess is placed on the URL Shortened feature provided so that the post published can be shortened so that the original URL can be hidden or disguised.


Hubspot is not a strange name in the world of digital marketing . Of course, it is because this tool has a good ability in increasing the traffic on your website, converting the leads, and also making your online stores or websites more user-friendly. In other words, it is really good to boost the sales without you have to do so many efforts. As it is used by more than 20.000 users in around 100 countries, it will be a must for you to use it also.


InstaPage is a free internet marketing tool to make an online landing page. Creating landing page using InstaPage tool can be said so easy because we only need to drag and then drop. Just like that, the landing page can just be done. Sure, the function of this tool is not only about the landing page. It also provides other features that can make our landing page can be more successful to gain more clicks and customers. This kind of online marketing tools can also be integrated to other social media accounts like Google+, Facebook, and others.

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