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How AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) changing mobile app development trends completely?

Added: Monday, December 25th 2017 at 9:58am by sixteent
Category: Technology
Related Tags: iphone apps

Smartphones are indivisible devices in our day-to-day life! For the growing demands of Smartphones, demands for smart apps are also growing as it efficiently resolves real-time problems. As per the current scenarios, mobile apps have reached the next level of productivity and creativity. Companies have realized the efficiency of mobile apps and apps are no more regarded as an optional investment; rather mobile apps have become a necessity for organizations to meet the demand of the customers and increase their sales.

The process of consuming web content smartly moved from desktop to the Smartphones. But the existing web designs, construction, and graphics were too much ugly and performance even was quite low. Organizations loosed visitors as well as revenue for such low performance and ugly looks of the web contents displayed on the Smartphones. Google launched AMP- Accelerated Mobile Pages framework for improving the overall performance of the smart apps on the mobiles.

AMP is basically the stripped-down form of HTML. This HTML page is designed to load fast with a super lightweight feature. AMP-Accelerated Mobile Pages is regarded as a trend in mobile app development industry. Enhancing the page loading on the mobile devices, AMP also provides provisions of isolated search index for the mobile web. The impact of AMP is reduced bouncing rates and increased visitors. AMP also supports to increase page ranking, improved ad visibility, easy content replacement and many more advantages.


From the above graph it can easily be determined; the mobile apps with AMP get the maximum number of views in comparison to the non-AMP apps. This graph states, mobile users love to spend time with their Smartphone and the easy loading websites. Websites loading faster on Smartphone enhances the access rates with an increased number of visitors ultimately increasing the revenues.

Advantages of AMP as mobile app development trend

1. Load Time

One of the major advantages of AMP trend is improved load time! The loading time of AMP web pages across different devices is higher in comparison to non-AMP pages. The faster loading time of the pages allows the visitors to use their time perfectly. Along with the fast internet speeds, the AMP pages are in addition to the mobile users to access large websites from their mobile devices easily.

2. Improving Page Rank

AMP websites satisfy the visitors with its faster loading time thus retaining their attention for a longer time. Satisfied visitors find it worthy to spend time on such websites with AMP. AMP impact on SERP is considerable as it improves the page rank.

3. Increasing traffic

Publishing websites with AMP will experience increased traffic. AMP will ensure engage and attentive audiences as the visitors will be able to navigate the contents and pages easily.

4. Publishing static and information websites with AMP is suitable

AMP is perfect for publishing static and information based websites, i.e. news and bogs. With faster loading time and higher page rank, the websites attract the attention of visitors which is quite beneficial for the website publishers.

5. Easy implementation of analytics with AMP pages

Analytics can be easily implemented with AMP websites. Including simple standard tags in the code will help to track the analytics of the page.

6. Higher views and conversion rates

By implementing AMP, the websites may appear in the Google’s news carousal. This advantage will help to gain maximum visibility across the viewers and increase the conversion rates.

7. Easy future performance updates

The AMP websites are easy to update for future performance without making drastic changes to the main source code. The improvements will be done as per the way of writing codes with AMP technology. AMP is the future trend of developing mobile apps!


2017 witnessed unexpected growth and advancement in mobile app technologies transforming our day-to-day lives. AMP- Accelerated Mobile Pages is one of the many trends which must be implemented with app development process in the upcoming years. It is one of the innovative trends which make sure to lead the business to the top position in the competition. AMP provides an easier way to improve the speed of the mobile websites which magically has sorted it in the list of most essential trends to follow for successful app development. AMP is the building element of the future web! Create high performing, beautiful and fast websites across multiple devices.

About Author:

Manan Ghadawala is the founder of 21twelveinteractive, one of the leading android app development company USA . His visionary leadership and flamboyant management style has yield fruitful results for the company. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.

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