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You know its almost Halloween when stores are full of Christmas decorations

Added: Tuesday, October 20th 2020 at 11:34am by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

Seems more and more stores are full of decorations for the holiday down the road and not the one coming up next.

In September Lowe's had more Christmas decorations out then Halloween, and a hardware store I was in this morning also had Christmas ready to go and you had to hunt to see any Halloween decorations.

I do admit they had a Christmas inflatable that I thought was funny. It was an inflatable Snowman holdingn a sign that said Br-r-r-r and it was 'shivering' like it was cold. The look on it's face and the shaking went well together.

But I was there for weed killer and not holiday decorations.

Picked up a 2-pack of light bulbs. When did they get expensive? And they weren't even those newer curly ones that last for years.

That was on the other side of town, so I drove pass a lot of road construction at that end of town.

I do feel sorry for sit down restaurants as they are still not able to dine indoors yet, only in the parking lot, or carry and delivery service.

Since a lot of the chain restaurants are along major roads, nothiing like eating a sit down type meal next to auto and bus fumes.

I really really really need to remember to get up early and go wash my van tomorrow, it's so dirty I noticed today. Will use the self service place near me to get rid of all the quarters I seem to have.

I keep seeing signs at check outs talking about a coin shortage so asking people to pay with plastic or have exact change.

I've been taking a lot of coins in that always seem to fill the ashtray in the van, so get rid of anyway, so I'm good with having exact change to give.

Shows how old my van is since I have an ashtray and lighter in it. I don't remember, but there may be as ashtray/lighter for the middle seats also. I know there are radio/ac controls there and a 12V plug, hmmmm I need to remember to look one day.

Well I'm now free for the day, but may go to Target on Wednesday. You'll have to wait until tomorrow to see if I did and what excitment Target may be.....LOL


User Comments

So far the only Christmas decorations I have seen are in The Dollar Tree!!

You don't shop at Walmart?   Our Walmart has Christmas Decor's out where they usually have the garden supplies, and they'll have Christmas Decor's up, throughout the store before halloween.

I will NEVER step into a Walmart!!

I don't shop Walmart, but I've heard from people how there was Christmas before Halloween started showing up on shelves since that went where back to school supplies were so Halloween had to wait for that to be moved out.

Maybe you'd change your mind about that, Island of Martinique? Hmm?

I'll lately, if only a little bit, I'm thinking, something like

"Walmart, cAmazon, Target, CVS, Winn Dixie, Publix, Trader Joes, Dollar Tree, 99cents Only, Etc....play them all against eachother, shop at all of them, to prevent any single one of them from gaining too much market dominance".

In other words: play capitalism against itself. And come to think of it, play anything that can be deemed socialism against itself.

Oh dear, I've hijacked sfeastbay's post. Oops. Sowwy, feastly...

I saw tons of Christmas deco in the garden section at Lowes. It makes me turn my head. I'm so not ready to see that yet, lol.

Lowe's and the store I was at this morning sure had the lit decorated trees already up. Didn't make me feel like Christmas seeing it all.

Even less seeing it now especially when its 86° outside, ugh.  Not your typical Christmas time weather.

We've finally had a few days down to 70s, so it hasn't seem like Autumn at all.

I'm beginning to think autumn forgot about us.  I'm so ready for the 50s to come and stay there!

I noticed the closer to Halloween the more cramped that section seems to become. Got to get that tree up next to the witch. Lol and doesn't love a skellington next to the navtiy scene. Lol

The three wise men are Zombie's for the next eleven days.....LOL

Omg as the tune Do You Hear What I Hear plays as ghostly moans and groans play across the way. Lol

This could be a thing for November to blend Halloween and Christmas until after Thanksgiving when Christmas take over fully.....LOL

I'm not surprised.  Walmart is all about Christmas, before halloween ever gets here.

I read that retail stores were going to start Black Friday sales way before the Friday after Thanksgiving to easy crowds in stores due the pandemic, but I don't think people will believe the prices will be lower ahead of time and still wait to crowd stores Thanksgiving weekend.

I really wish the title of this blog was a joke.  Sadly, it isn't.  I liked when Christmas started at the earlies in mid-November.

It takes the 'magic' out of the season when it's being pushed in July. As a kid it was exciting to see Christmas towards mid/end of November.

Our small town is going to switch on our Christmas lights at end of this month ( we only have a few) as we won't be having Santa arriving by lifeboat this year. I think they believe it will cheer the locals up ( well the ones that have ventured into town since the holiday makers came).  

When I was a kid, at this one department store that had a Santa, he would always arrive in a different way each year, but never in a lifeboat.



Well being a coastal town he arrives by sea and there would be loads of visitors and locals with their kids, lined up along the wharf waiting to see him, but of course you can't do that now.

This is out of line, I can't help it, Feastly Bayly, I've always been like this, and I'll not relent:

There is someone on the tv, don't recall whether it's national, or if it's local to what's broadcast out of San Fran....there's a man who looks WAY TOO MUCH like you, and would be younger, and he's handsome, and I've got a mondo unreasoning crush on him, and I've been trying to find a pic of him, just to mess with you.

I reckon you know who it is, since you live in sfeastbay. People have told you face-to-face, there's no way that the "real life" people you know haven't.

Bwa ha haaaaaaaa. Confess or I shall have continue looking...

Or even worse, can't stop myself, I might write a post with this title "SECRET REVEALED: Blogster sfeastbay is a total babe and he's way too modest about it!!!"



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