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Yesterday was changed to today

Added: Thursday, October 29th 2020 at 10:13am by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

No today isn't Wednesday, it's Thursday. That's not the change I meant.....LOL

The guy that was to come Wednesday to see about fixing my washer and wall oven change it to today sometime between 11am-2pm.

I hate waiting for someone to come to do some work, and I really hate when work needs to be done indoors.

For some reason, having a repair person indoors just bugs me.

I think it's because I never know what to do with myself.

Do I stand there and watch them work?

Do I go into another room and wait for them to finish?

When I was still working, I would go back and forth to check what work needed to be done, or if I knew it would take them awhile to work on something, I just stayed working myself.

I'd rather something be done outside, that way I just stay inside and leave workers just do what they need to.


I was reminded that Sunday we change the clocks back, I was thinking it was the weekend after this one, so I'm glad someone mentioned it to me last night.

While I know Halloween is a bust this year, I wish they would go back to changing the time before Halloween, so it's dark early for kids to go out.

I never liked the idea of kids going out what it was still light out, it just doesn't seem like Halloween unless it's dark when you go out trick or treating, like when we were kids.


Just thought, I guess the repair guy will be here closer to 2pm since he called with the time frame right before I started typing this and it's a little after 10am now, so I guess I'm not lower on his list to be here around 11.

Oh well, when it comes to needed a repair person, we just have to wait until they get to us.



User Comments

I vote no time change at all. It's just silly in my opinion.

It's tradition, so I don't know how people would react if they did away with it.

When there's a repairman visiting our home, I find something to do, that's in the same general area.  I want to make sure it's not anyone with sticky fingers, if you know what I mean.

Well this guy who just left a few minutes ago was the chatty type while he was fixing my oven, so I just stood there and we chatted while he worked.

The washing machine worked, so he didn't do anything with that. But it it acts up again to give him a call and he won't charge another service call fee.


"like when we were kids." Mmmm---sounds like an old retired man talking!! LOL


You let someone in your home...from thereafter you are obligated to allow that person to do anything at all.

Think Japanese with it.

I know always odd what to do while they are repairing the problem.

I agree I much preferred changing the clocks back the weekend before Halloween half the fun was going out when it was dark  though I knew neighbors who sent their kids out at 4:30 well before it was even remotely dark. Lol

I do wish there was a national set time span to go door to door. Never did like the late night older teens coming to the door with just a pillow case and mostly not with any sort of costume.

Stay and chat, or do something in the same room I say.

This guy was the chatty type so we just talked about retirement, old TV shows, and other stuff while he worked, so it worked out ok this time.

I wish they would STOP changing the time and just leave it the way it is. 

I think more and more people are feeling that way.

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