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Would Northern California loose all power at midnight last night was the top news item

Added: Wednesday, October 9th 2019 at 10:12am by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

Due to expected high winds and dry air, the power company announced yesterday they would as a precaution shut down the power grid to areas prone to fires in thirtheen Northern California counties, including the bay area where I live.

Now I don't live in a forest, but over the hills in my city is considered a fire hazard this time of year as are all the hills in the area.

I didn't know anything about it until my cousin called ranting about it last night.

While he was ranting, I went online to read what he was talking about and saw a map of areas that would be shut down as needed.

They were going to go on a case by case bases on how high the winds were in each area and turn power off as needed that would start at midnight last night when the winds were expected to pick up, lasting until Thursday afternoon.

While the over the hill part of our area was shown on the map that would be turned off as needed, the area west of the hills where I live was not included.

This calmed my ranting relative down a bit, but he was still planning on a shut down and only semi-ranting about it all.

The winds never came in my area and power is on and everything is normal which I'm happy for.

Don't know what happen in other areas of the state, but the millions people in the metro area here would not have been happy about it or for letting our elected officials letting it happen.

Can understand doing that in the more northern part of the state which is heavily forested with small pockets of towns, but outside of the hills here, everything is so build up that it's not a fire danger.

By the maps, any built up area surrounding the bay was not going to have it's power cut off, but the news sure fueled the tension.

People who live in known fire ares expect the worst and already have plans for things like this, but panicing the 'city' dwellers, was just for TV news rating I'm thinking.

Hopefully nothing bad happen anywhere and won't.

Power lines should be under ground in danger areas, then they wouldn't have to worry about lines being blown down in high winds and starting fires. Seems like comment sense to me.



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Sometimes, weather reports are wrong.  That probably happened in your area.  No strong winds, and power left on.

Our weather man, last night, predicted storms, with high winds.  According to the weather map, it was just our area, and going into surrounding areas.  He hit it right on.

After dinner I did go outside and a wind had come up that we didn't have during the day and it was cold so not dry like it had been either.

Then before my ranting cousin called the wind stopped which was good.


We have so many wrong weather predictions that my way of knowing what the weather will be like, is going outside and looking at it.

The weather people can't even look out the window and get the weather right around here.....LOL

LOL must be related to our weather people!

Sounds like conditioning to me.... but I'm just a conspiracy theorist {#bag-on-head.gif}

Well this is the same utility who blew up a neighborhood with their gas pipes and is accused of burning down another city last year for not turning off power when the wind picked up. So they are damed if they do and damed if they don't.

Holy crap man... stay safe lol

Tis the season- for charbecued cities


I heard about this last night and was surprised I had wondered if they had ever done this before? I agree those areas pron to danger should be under ground. Glad you weren't in that line of danger.

This would have been their first wide spread shut down as a precaution.

I'm all for putting all the lines underground!

That should have been done decades ago in the fire pron areas.

Whelp PG&E should have maintained their power lines and yes buried them long LONG ago. They are criminally negligent as far as I'm concerned for the deaths of thousands of people and billions of property damage. This is just a PR thing as far as I'm concerned and too little too late. They need to be brought up on charges and also it sure seems to be the type of monopoly on a utility the same as At&T used to have on the phone service here. Okay now I'll step off my soapbox.

Oh you should hear my cousin rant about PG&E.....LOL

I don't rant about a lot of stuff but this seems to have pushed my button. lol

I just did a new post that 21 counties were shut off last night and phase 2 starts tonight at 8pm.

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