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Will grocery prices ever go down?

Added: Thursday, March 30th 2023 at 11:53am by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

I'm sure we are all saying the same thing about grocery store prices. I know I say something every time I leave a store.

Today I bought a item on sale for $2.99 regular price $4.99. You may think that's a good price, but the regular price used to be $2.99 and it would be a dollar something when on sale.

I keep seeing sale prices that are higher than the regular price used to be, or if something came in two sizes, the smaller one is not higher than the large size used to be.

While it seems that most of the store is on sale, the prices are higher than the normal priced used to be. They are trying to trick shoppers into thinking everything is on sale to 'help' the shopper.

To answer my own question, no things will not go lower since every state seems to be having workers demanding $15-$20 as a minimum wage, so there is no way store or fast food prices can go down.

I keep seeing local news that businesses that have been in the same location for 40-50 years are shutting down due high rents and high wages they must now pay.

And they can only raise their prices so much before people say no it's not worth it now to use that business.

But grocery stores have us by the shopping bags since we all don't live on a farm to grow our own food and have livestock to butcher and eat, so they know we will keep paying the prices they charge. 

You can't just shop at one location anymore and paying what they ask, you need to now shop around and go to multiple stores to get what is cheaper at each store just to try and save money.

And this means planing ahead so you don't waste gas driving all over the place. You now have to plan if you are going in one direction to stop at stores in that area just to stock up to save on trips.

Okay, I'm off my food price rant now.....LOL

Anyone else feel the same way?

User Comments

Yes, my shopping habits have changed lately, and higher prices is a large part of it.  

This morning for instance, I slept in somewhat and upon awakening noticed that M's car was missing. Figured she was out doing laps through the local Fred Meyers, so texted her and that was the case.  

As that's earlier than I usually go, Asked her to check eggs for discounts on pasture-raised organic, and sure enough several dozen were marked way, way down to a mere $3 per dozen. 

So she got half her walking in for the day and saved  over $21 minus a buck for gas before I even put on shoes... :D

I do often take the opportunity to forage when the opportunity presents itself and conditions are right    

(They're building apartments on my 4th favorite dandelion field - whaa)



Food prices coming down - depends how one measures price and definition of "food".

Food could become very low cost if not "free" later this century if powers that be command it. 

But that ain't happenin next week 

$3 for a dozen eggs is a good price from what's in the store now a days.

Yes it is.  Another sad thing is the disappearance of regular "honor-system" egg-stands - at least from our local area. All 6 of them are no more :``(

I doubt prices will go down...once businesses find that they can get the higher price they want to hang on to it.

They may a little, but not back to where they were.

I remember hearing that "sales price" often meant that the store had raised the price and then "put it on sale" at the original price...and that was years ago.

Someone I know just said to me this week. 

It's that way everywhere. 

Even in Europe on a youtube video I watched talked about the high price of eggs.

A lady that works in Krogers told me this afternoon that in some places you can't even get potatoes. in some areas you can barely find eggs and milk. plenty of meat so far, but it's getting pricey.  

But grocery stores have us by the shopping bags since we all don't live on a farm to grow our own food and have livestock to butcher and eat, so they know we will keep paying the prices they charge. 

Well, well, that's the gist of it.

Yes.  Our huge grocery store didn't even have eggplant, so we had to go elsewhere.  Good thing I'm eating less, cuz it does help trim the grocery bill.

Eating habits need to change to buy items at a good sale price that you wouldn't normally buy or buy that brand. I know my habits have changed.

There are no "cheap" places to shop at anymore.  Even the dollar stores have upped their prices, somewhat.  It's truly outrageous how items have gone up AND it's kinda scary as well.

The small chain store I go to for certain items that I know are cheaper than the large chain stores and it can be a big difference.

Last week I bought a name brand item for 98 cents that I saw on sale at the large chain store for $3.94. I've learned to look for items like that at the small store since it can be a big savings sometimes.

Every Thursday I buiy a 3 pack of Romaine lettuce---used to be $2.99---today it was $4.75

Things like milk and bananas I don't even look at the price anymore since I'm going to buy them anyway and it's not like there are 4 or 5 brands of bananas to chose from. Less painful that way I guess, just groan over the items you can chose the lowest priced brand.

Every time l go out to get shopping my bill keeps getting bigger and bigger and l seem to have less and less in my trollley :-(

I know what you mean. They give the total price and if I know I didn't buy anything that was a really high price, I look at what I bought and think all that cost whatever they said. 

Eggs have gone down here from $6/dozen to $5/dozen. And I can get them at the dollar stores for a little over $4/dozen. But I haven't seen any really good sales on eggs or on anything else. I imagine prices will stay up. Case in point: When I was a kid, bread sold for around .39 cents per loaf. Now it's $3/loaf if you get the good stuff and $1.59 if you get the tasteless, dried out stuff. 

As for the higher salaries, don't forget store clerks don't get their bread any cheaper than we do.

I haven't purchased eggs in awhile, but I do look when walking pass them and it's rare to see a shelf price for them. It's like they don't want people knowing the price and think they would ask at the check out or pay attention and buy them at any price.

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