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Why has No Shirt No Shoes No Service never been an issue but wearing a mask is?

Added: Tuesday, June 30th 2020 at 8:53am by sfeastbay
Category: Health

For decades we've all seen stores with a No Shirt No Shoes No Service signs on their doors and no one has ever seem to have a problem with that.

No riots, no one screaming I have a right to enter YOUR store with no shoes on.

But for some reason a business saying a face mask must be worn to enter THEIR store during a world wide health crisis has some people freaking out and screaming they have a right to enter SOMEONE else's business with no mask.

Yes YOUR THEIR SOMEONE all in caps  because that what someones business is, THEIRS.

To me since it's THEIR business small or large they have a right to say you must wear a mask to enter THEIR store.

THEIR store, they set the rules. Simple!

It's no different then if you come to my home and I say you can't smoke inside. You either go outside to smoke or you don't come over. Simple, my home, my rules.

I go to someones home and they say I must remove my shoes before entering then I remove my shoes or leave. Simple, their home, their rules.

So people need to get off their ME ME rant and follow the rules to enter someone elses home or business. Simple right?

It's simply, by wearig a mask the life you save will be other people since that is what the mask is for. Why can't people do the right thing during this health crisis is beyond me.

And speaking of rants, I'm off mine now.

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Obvious to all but the Commies and their shills...

{#thumbs_up.gif} {#high_five.gif} {#thumbs_up.gif}   I agree with you.  A clerk in one of those stores in Lincoln, was suker punched one day last week, because of that rule.  The person, who refused to wear a mask, got very angry over that rule, started cussing, and hit her hard enough, to put a gash on her face, that needed stitches to close.

It's sad and sickening that people are getting violence over wearing a mask the short time they will be in a store.

{#apploud.gif}{#apploud.gif}{#apploud.gif}  I totally agree with everything you said and the comparisons made.  If I was one to refuse wearing a mask and a place of business had "no mask, no service" out front, I'd leave instantly.  The idea of a person still trying to enter with the "must wear mask to enter" is just begging for a confrontation and dramatics, which is so stupid and pointless AND spiteful.  You don't have to tell me twice to wear a mask. I may hate wearing one for various reasons, but I'll definitely be wearing it!

It's crazy, they will only be in a store a few minutes so what's the big deal. It's not like it hasn't been in the news that there is a health issue going on in the world.

I'm cracking up at the idiots who HAVE TO celebrate Independence Day ON the beach with no mask or not keeping social distance because that's what their forefathers fought for!!!  Mmmmm---wonder why they use seat belts in cars or helmets when on a bike????

Then they should be using outhouses like their forefathers did instead of indoor plumbing.....LOL

Personally, I don't like wearing a mask but I wear one when it's asked of me.   My job requires it.  My favorite stores require it.  I could technically just not work or not go into those stores.  I'm not super rebellious, especially when I see so many people who are genuinely concerned about their health. 

It's now like having to wear one all day for a job, but for the few minutes they would be in the store, it just doesn't make sense.

Privately owned places can mandate mask wearing.
Government cannot (by law).

It's like America is suddenly in the 6th grade again.

Although I personally do not agree with the mask thing I do agree with private business having a say concerning their store. BUT what about privately owned business and the rights of employees, unions, and such? We are seeing unions demanding more  stringent practices to protect employees regardless of what the business wants. Their stance is that it is a health and safety issue not a trivial company policy issue. 

Now, the health issue - let's take it one step further and take in stance of masks making people breath in harmful co2 at an amount that is not healthy for some groups. Is it fair that they must wear a mask? What if it is a grocery store and all grocery stores require masks - is that fair. Also if it is a health issue then do these people get the same protecting under people with disabilities laws. 

nothing is that simple anymore.... 

In my state, there are exceptions to not wear a mask, so there must be in other states also. But you don't have to get violent if you are exempted.

The only store around here that requires masks is the Costco. So we wear them when we go there. It's private property and we respect that. No problem.

Masks are mandatory here and Sunday morning was the first time I saw anyone inside a store without one. It seemed so odd to see after all this time.

I agree 100% I don't understand the backlash of how people who probably use common sense normally or follow rules all of a sudden are acting out in such horrible destructive ways.

I agree the stores or restraints have every right to say no entrance if people can't handle the rules then shop or dine else where,but this attitude that people are being signaled out is not a attack but a request to follow a reasonable request.

We are living in a time of so much anger that I think people are over responding from that and fear and to many talking heads confusing everything with to many opinions and facts are getting ignored.

When I go out I wear a mask its not a inconvenience it's a smart move for me,I don't want to possibly infect someone with anything.

It boils down to this is it worth getting sick or making someone sick because wearing a mask has been politicize.

If people would just do it then maybe all this will end and the virus get knocked down instead of just spreading more. The economy is not going to get better if things stay shut down because people aren't doing all they can to stop it.

Exactly perfect sense.

I agree, even though we don't have that down under, there is way too much ME ME ME at the moment, it's time people had a good look at themselves.

I don't understand it either.  First of all, I wear a mask and wish others would as well because I think that is one of the few things we can do right now to stay healthy.  But regardless of that, the business sets the rules as you say.

Their business...their rules.  But people are throwing temper tantrums and actually taking their food out of the cart and throwing it on the floor in grocery stores etc.  Yes,I saw a video of exactly that happening....my response, "they need to either pay for that merchandise or go to jail.

It's such an easy thing to do for the few minutes they are in a store or even out in public if the area is crowded, but people act like they are being asked to have their head chopped off.

They don't understand unless we all do what is needed, the virus will not go away and the economy will never get better with everything closing again or still closed.

That's simply common sense...and it seems some have lost that.  Plus not wearing a mask, and getting within 6 feet of me ticks me off.  I am one of those that has no desire to get this virus.  

Your point is well taken. And by the way, stores are requiring people to wear masks because states are demanding it and can take away their business licenses if they don't comply. The no shirt, no shoes thing has to do with their insurance. If some dope comes into their store and stubs a toe or steps on a sharp object they'll probably get sued. And if somebody doesn't wear a shirt some uptight religious person is going to get upset and cause trouble. So they're covering all their bases.

I always think signs like no shoes is because someone did walk in barefoot and cut their foot and sued, so signs like that popped up all over.


I know that Menards here is mandatory to wear when you enter their store. It's not completey manatory to wear masks for customers and other store yet. Like where I work, a customer has the right to not wear one if they choose so. But for the employees of our busuness, it is manatory for the employees to wear one....and I wear one and gloves. I take no chances since I am touching everything in the store...and sometimes that includes having to be a cashier when lines get long.

People aren't in a store for very long, so wearing a mask shouldn't be an issue to help stop this virus and get the economy moving again.

You will be amazed on how long they can be in the retail stores sometimes.

Yep, more and more people expect you to like or dislike everything they do and heaven help you if you don't.

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