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Why does everyone feel like baking this time of year?

Added: Wednesday, November 13th 2019 at 8:56am by sfeastbay

Have you noticed 'baking' seems to be the theme this time of year in ads, they act like everyone is at home baking for the season.

I'm sure there are people who bake things at home year round, but something about the end of the year holidays gets everyone wanting to bake something even if they never bake.

Maybe it's going to the grocery store and seeing the holiday decorated cookies and cakes and they look so good until you see the high prices they charge for ready baked.

People think I can do that at home myself cheaper.

Parents want to start baking cookies with their kids and grandparents with the grandkids.

People start thinking what can they bake for the family holiday dinner.

I bet more baking accessories are purchased this time of year more then any other and not as Christmas gifts, but for personal use now.

And it's not just baking out of a box, but from scratch.

This time of year everyone thinks they can make things from scratch.

What's flour?

A rolling pin, what's that?

Where's the kneading dough app on my phone?

I may know what to do in baking, but to me baking is still open the box, toss in an egg, some water and let the oven do the rest.

Do you get caugh up in the baking hype this time of year or are you normally a year round baker?

Do you even bake, as I know sometimes it just easier to pay the high price the store charges for prebaked items.




User Comments

I never bake. I leave that to all the other friends and relatives that enjoy it.  I just reap the rewards of their delicious baked goods. :)

I'm just throwing together a large bowl of chilled fruit salad and that's it.  No bake for me.

I'm more the buy it make already and toss into your own bowl so people think you made type.....LOL

Exactly! Lol!

I wonder if the whole baking inspiration this time of year goes back to when people saved up to impress others with those special treats. I think with the baking for Christmas is because many people give baked goods as extra gifts. I know my one aunt would make up all her cookie dough seems before and freeze them. Then when she got together with her sisters to bake the dough was already done. I can remember growning up the commercials and print adds we would see leading up to thanksgiving and Christmas. You don't see those kind of adds anymore or really commercials. 

That could be it, gifts of treats is older then the store bought gifts trend. And the fancier the nicer the gift was thought of.


Because it's the "Holiday Season."  So from November 16th, through December 31st., people are in a baking mode. I do hope someone bakes me my favorite pie, for the season, which is mincemeat pie.

My mothers mother was the last of the bake from scratch year round person in my family. My generation in the family is more the buy it or add water types....LOL


Lol!  Same here, lol!

Now that I think about it, one cousin has a daughter that bakes those fancy type cakes and has a side business doing it.

USA Anthropology: In the olden days, baking with wood & coal ranges was a HOT KITCHEN proposition...in Fall as the WX cools, peeps could have warm kitchens and goodies, too!  {#apploud.gif} {#apploud.gif} {#apploud.gif}

I guess before scented candles, real food baking/cooking scented the house....LOL

I bake from scratch year round. It’s my de-stress thing. I even get orders for people to pay me for pies, yeast rolls and tamales for holiday dinners. I do company dessert tables for the nurses week and the annual Christmas party at the hospital where my daughter is the director of the Operating Room.

That's nice of you to do things like that. My de-stress from work is not doing any work which to me baking would be.....LOL

" I even get orders for people to pay me for pies, yeast rolls and tamales for holiday dinners. "

An apple pie!  How much?  I have some sharp cheddar to go with it.

Daddy used to say:

"Apple pie without cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze!"

He was, and still is, absloutely right!   {#cheerleader.gif}

I used to do more baking when my kids were living at home. Now it's just me and hubby and we don't need a lot of sweets widening the girth of our middles so I don't bake as much. All I plan to bake for Thanksgiving is pumpkin pie and dinner rolls. 

Sometimes with just one or two people, you don't feel like doing to much for meals including baking.

I make fudge every year... but that's it. We don't do a lot of baking. I've worked hard to achieve this ideal weight I have of 215lbs and I'm not letting the holidays screw it up :)

Just bake skinny food and you won't gain the pounds.....hehe

Does any of it taste good? It's been my experience that if it doesn't taste like it's gonna make ya fat then it's no good :D

I think baking is something people can do when the days are shorter/colder and the holidays are coming up fast. Me? I can make home made bread and cookies, but prefer to let others bake and cook. 

I know treats used to start showing up at work all of the time now through January 1st. I don't miss it!

Oh yeah, at work sales reps were always coming in with goodies and it would get to be to much at times.

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