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When a stranger enters.......

Added: Monday, March 25th 2019 at 11:48am by sfeastbay

Why is it when you know a stranger will be entering your home you looked around to see what they might see and wonder what they might think?

The guy to put up my new light fixtures will be here later this afternoon. Besides cleaning yesterday, I did a little more this morning.

Since one of the lights is over the dining room table, I moved the table and chairs, then got out the vac again to do the area of the rug that was under all that.

Took off the glass shades and hurricane glass from the light and left one bulb in to see when the power is off. So I dusted those while I was at it and the light fixture.

Then I started to look around to see what the eyes of a stranger might see and judge you by.

Like would they wonder why you have a garbage bag on the floor not knowing it was video tape in the bag the thrift store wouldn't take two years ago.

Or would they wonder why you have a tire sitting in the living room.....I don't, but just saying as I walked into someones home once and they had a tire leaning against the coffee table.

I think mainly we look around to see what a stranger would see as it gives us a chance to notice what we have sitting around that never got put somewhere in the first place.

Trust me after two years I don't notice that white trash bag with video tape sitting on the dining room floor anymore....until today.

It's only sitting there as I haven't been back to the thrift store to bring it again. The idiot at the drop off said they don't take blank tape since they don't know what I might have put on it.

I couldn't seem to get it through his dumb brain that the tape was new and still wrapped in cellophane.

It was right after my mother had died and I was dropping off her clothes and other items, so wasn't going to push it or go inside to talk to the manager about it.

So it's been sitting there waiting for me to go back one day. But at least it now has a new place to wait then the dining room floor.....LOL

So do you have things laying around that a stranger might wonder about?

Is there a frying pan in the bathroom?

A lawn mower on the bed in the guest room?

A kiddy pool in the kitchen?

Underwear nailed to your wall?

Now that you are thinking about it, you might want to look around {#crosseyed.gif}


User Comments

Lol, this is hilarious!  But oh yes, I can relate.  Its been awhile but when I used to have the cable guy come check my modem ever so often or check wiring, I always made sure my computer desk was dusted as well as my entertainment table where my tv is, lol.  I can remember about a month ago, a good friend of mine and her boyfriend dropped in unannounced. I didn't have a chance to check over my living room area or dining room [they're connected].  I had removed my bra to relax and figured I'd just lean over or cross my arms, lol!  When they left a few hours later, I thought, "whew, I didn't see their eyes going down my chest."  When I closed the door after them, is when I saw my bra dangling on the rail in the dining area, in plain view.  I was mortified.{#blush.gif}

HAHAHA, we'll count that as underwear nailed to the wall.

Yes indeed! {#basic-blush.gif}{#basic-mouth-shut.gif}

Charm that was funny about the bra. Something like that would happen to me. lol  

I make sure my toilet is clean and the bathroom floor. I always have some pretty smelling stuff in the bathroom...and a book of matches....the  best odor repellent. 

Lol Ana.  My friend, to this day, never mentioned a thing about that night, thank goodness!  I, too, make sure my toilet is clean even if no one may ever use it.  I have those air scent machines that go off every 9 minutes, one in the front bathrom, my living room and bedroom, so that it always smells good.  I just hate people thinking I'm a bad housekeeper.

My place is only half unpacked though we've been here almost three years.  Nothing is where it should be, and all manner of things live in strange places.

People do glance nervously at the ancient steamer trunk we have right next to the door, kind of as a catch-all for keys and hats, etc.  We keep a huge machete on it, too, and a basket large enough for a head...teehee.

As long as no odor or leakage is issuing from it, I figure we're ok.

bwuahahahaaaaaaaaa....welcome, come in, let me take your head...err...hat.

I'd think what was in the trunk seeing the machete....LOL

Don't worry about what your house looks like.  They don't pay any attention what's in a room, just what they'll be working on.  You coud be a hoarder, and they wouldn't even notice it, lol!

He was here, done and out in 20 minutes.


I don't know what they wonder, but I always wonder if they're gonna come back and rob me :)

btw... off subject,. but we had smoked sausage in the air fryer and it was excellent. It reminded me of grilling. So many ideas bouncing around in my head. I made Taquitos.. Mmmm {#basic-tongue-out.gif}

You're going to be the air fryer Julia Child before you know it. {#basic-laugh.gif}

Nope not me, couldn't care less what anyone thought, my home, my money being paid out to them, not the other way around.

Make sure he wipes his feet before he comes in, after all the work you have put in.

Just bloody knives.

OK MY FRIEND, I need to ask a very important question, and I mean VERY important, OK the air fryer arrived today, and it's CHINESE, which means the book is also {#basic-undecided.gif} {#crosseyed.gif} {#crosseyed.gif} {#crosseyed.gif} {#evil-crazy.gif} {#evil-crazy.gif} {#evil-crazy.gif} {#evil-crazy.gif} Not a bloody thing on "before you use it", nothing, +it's a bloody eye sore, but all that aside, could you please tell me what you had to do to yours before use.   Much appreciated in anticipation.

I bought a new one and it said to wash basket. It also said to warm fryer for five minutes before putting in ingredients. Maybe there's something on YouTube for your make. 

Problem with that, hillmate, is that not all of those air fryers have removable baskets. Gary and I were checking them out a couple of weeks ago, and the one, just like Sandy's, that we saw, did not have a removable basket.  And no directions on how to clean it either, lol!

Mine said clean the basket and using a damp cloth wipe the unit down and then to turn it on at it's highest temp for 20 minutes to burn off oil used in making the unit. Or as they put it, burn off that 'new' appliance smell. It can emit white smoke during that time which is normal.

Mine never had smoke, just a little of that 'new' smell buring off.

Afterwards I just put a slice of break in there to toast to see if it had any weird taste from the 'new' smell and it was just fine.

Mine said you over preheat of a recipe says. So far I haven't and everything has cooked faster then a package said for oven time. Now I know why the book said to check everything half way in the cooking process, it seems to be done by then for the most part.

Thanks for that info, no a thing in the tiny book about pre-use.

I'll be doing a check on several web pages before I use it.

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