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hillmate Shaunepawn

What a day so far

Added: Thursday, August 20th 2020 at 11:51am by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

The air quality is still bad due all the smoke in the air.

Can't breath outside or inside as the smoke still gets in even with windows closed.

I wore a mask in the car while driving last night at 9pm as it was still warm so had to either roll windows down or turn on the a/c. Either was brought smoke in so I opted for the a/c which at least was blowing cold air in my face since I had to wear the mask to breath better.

Good thing everyone has a mask, as you can't go outside without one, not even in your own yard for more then a few seconds before you are choking.

I have relatives in the valley who's town may have had to be evacuated, not because of any fire danger, but all the smoke they were getting.

Poor air quality is expected into the weekend.

At least the temp went down so instead of breathing hot smokey air, you now  just breath warm smokey air.


This morning I turned on the computer an hour before work and no internet connection. I did the whole unplug the box and restart it, but still nothing.

I called Comcast and told the robot when asked that there was no internet, so robolady asked if I want a call back or to remain on hold  11-16 minutes. 

I chose to stay on the line and a quick 40 minutes later 'Martha' the heavy Indian accented lady came on and said she couldn't help me with internet issues so needed to transfer me.

So much for telling robolady I had internet issues.

Another few mintues later 'Eric' the heavy Indian accented gentleman came on and guess what happen when he did, yep the internet came back up so I didn't need him.

Happy that it came up and right before I started work. I hate telling work the internet is down, I feel like they never believe me.....LOL

I like issues when the whole company is down so they know it's not just me.


Work was busy the first two hours and now it's slowed down.


Since my cousin had his surgery he can't life anything over 10lbs for two weeks so it seems I now have to go to my aunts on my lunch hour to get her from the bed to the wheelchair and then go back at 9pm to move her back into the bed.

Today is day three of that and I'm already tired of it.

But my motto is, I go-I lift-I leave.

She landed on the floor Tuesday morning trying to get in the chair herself while my cousin was on the sofa asleep with an ice pack, so I had to take an early lunch to go over there and lift her up.

She was alright since like a toddler, you land on your diaper covered butt and you don't get hurt, only bounce.....LOL


That's it for now.

User Comments

Oh what a day!

I feel for you with all that smoke. No matter what you do it's going to seep inside the house. Ugh

Hope the rest of the day gets better. 

And I saw that TV ad about second hand cigarette smoke and how it gets in walls and travel in vents to other apartment, etc.

It's the same with this, you can't keep it out totally.

I hate these kind of conditions. Waiting for fire to advance into the neighborhood - or not. 

Oh wow!  I sure feel for you!  Hugs go your way, and I sure hope that smoke dies out.

I'll say that even with fires in the Everglades, dust storms from Africa, whatever, our air is always clean! Maybe it is the area I live in!?

Last night we had a heavy downpour that seemed to go on forever!  All I did was lay in bed worrying about my newly planted plants 😄

It's storm Ellen apparently. Supposed to be windy today (I did look out bathroom window and plants still there). Think I prefer this to smoke any day. Hope a wind arrives to blow yours away.

Don't you just love those Indian telephone people! I say, ' pardon' so many times they must think I am deaf instead of just not understanding what they are saying. 

I have just seen the horrendous fires on the news, I hope you are all well and stay that way. Sending positive thoughts your way.{#giveflowers.gif}


Is your aunt tiny? That seems like not very safe to either you or her. A hoyer lift would be so much safer and easier on everyone. Well by now you are probably off lift duty anyways so I guess it's not a point anyways.

She's a tiny little thing so not much weight to lift.

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