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What a busy ebay selling frenzy it's been.

Added: Saturday, December 14th 2019 at 3:14pm by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

But first let me just remind some of you..................


Of the 25 items I listed on ebay that end today, only three did not sell. I know that may sound like a lot of sells, but it wasn't since one woman bought 13 separate items.

I have three that will end Sunday and two have bids, actually lots of bids on them so they are sold.

The third item is missing a couple of pieces so I don't expect it to sale and it's not a big deal.

And everyone has being paying via paypal the second the auction ends which is amazing.

One item I listed that ends tomorrow I started at $4.99 and it's up to $60.00 right now, and it may go higher since it's had a lot of views and a lot of people are 'watching' it.

I more to list, but I'll need a rest after round one, and I think it may slow down with Christmas getting closer and people gearing up to travel and do the final Christmas prep, so I think I'll wait until after Christmas to continue.

I'm hoping this will push my cousin (the hoarder) to start letting me put some of his boomer toys on ebay.

I say me as he's older then me and still in the 20th century. He only have a flip phone, no computer so not able to get on the internet, doesn't use credit cards, drive all over to pay bills in person with cash, and thinks everything he hoards will be 'worth' something one day.

Right worth something only to the junk man that is paid to haul it to the dumps after he's dead....LOL

Oh well, off to packed up stuff and take it to the post office. I like they have a kiosk to use after hours.


User Comments

That is soooo cool! I would love to sell 'stuff' that is like that. Hmmm. I will wait until after Christmas to start my investigation into this!

Awesome job!

I've learned it's like having a full time job if you were to have a lot of stuff to sell or put a lot up at once. I think next time I may put a few things up at once and wait until those end before putting up more.

My sister has sold stuff they went for more than she was asking.And funny what gets snapped up right away and what might not sell but post it another day and the bidding begins. I know it's a lot of work posting on eBay. But can be fun.

There are so many more options and things to do since I last sold on ebay, and it was a big overwelming. I do like you can put a tracking number in the post office gives so the buyer and ebay can follow up to see it was delivered since stealing packages off porches has become big business for crooks.

I'm happy that your items are selling and have sold. Hopefully it'll keep up after Christmas. Too bad you can't get ya cousin to begin doing the same thing with his "stuff". 

I'll work on him, maybe I can get him to break down and try a few things. If they sell and he gets some money, it may break the 'hoarder' in him.....LOL

Glad to hear you're having success. :)

Thanks, to bad I won't get rich doing it.....LOL

I haven’t sold on eBay in over 10 years but it used to be my full time “job”. It was fun in the beginning until people wanted me to sell this little something for them and took all my time with no pay. That was that and I stopped. Plus it got where eBay made more money than me on my auctions. I’m glad your auctions were successful. Nice!!

There are more options and things to do since I last sold there and it was jaw dropping.

Good to hear you've had success with Ebay. Did you list any books?

No books, just old boomer toys from my childhood.

Well now, I have a brand new, treadmill, only ever used twice, been covered with a sheet, also a brand new exercise bike only ever used once, also covered with a sheet, I've been thinking for about 12mths about selling them on ebay, but like twits we had  {and paid} for a removal's to put them upstairs {#basic-undecided.gif} {#basic-ohsnap.gif} {#basic-ohsnap.gif} so I'm thinking maybe a local sales may be best...{#basic-tongue-out.gif} {#basic-tongue-out.gif} .

You could do what others on eBay do and sell but as 'Collection Only'. You could also put an ad up in a shop window if they do that where you live.

 I know the ebay option here when listing you could mark for 'local pickup'. so you could then say come pick it up and be strong.

Well no way could I post them, it would be pick-up or forget it...lol

WOW, what a great idea, yes most if not all of the stores have a "To Sell" board, I may do that after Christmas. Thank you so much.


Sounds like you are doing very well on Ebay.

Very well selling, but I won't get rich from it. But what I'm selling I know people want, so I can make a little money and at least know someone will enjoy the items.

I haven't sold on eBay in many years, either, but I found it tedious from the get-go.  I had no patience for it.

I'm glad for you that your items are selling well!  I don't blame you for wanting to take a break!

I remember it being quick and easy before, but they have add so much you can do now, that the 'fun' of it is now the 'work' of it. But on the plus side I will say some of it is for the better.


I am curious about what it was that you listed for 4.99, which has been bid up to $60.

A viewmaster, I know can you believe it.

I'll have to keep my eye out for those at garage sale!

There was some reels with it in original packs so they could have been after those.

I need to get things on Ebay. Faceplant is a joke.

I laugh at those TV ads for sites were the 20something touches an app on the phone and takes a photo of what they want to sell and it sells in seconds to a local person.

Everything I sold except two items were from people on the east coast, one in Texas, and one from west coast where I'm at. ebay has a wider audience and it makes a difference depending on that you are selling.

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