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Were you ever a 'one night stand' for Halloween?

Added: Monday, October 21st 2019 at 9:46am by sfeastbay

Well you could be like this guy was.

Get it......LOL


Or have a monster box you up and take you away.


Did you ever get hammered for Halloween and then nail someone?


Did you ever pea yourself for Halloween?



A penny for your thoughts



Ever blast off for Halloween?


Ever freak anyone out on a train?



I hear more kids are eaten by 'gators on Halloween in Florida then any other time of the year.





No words other then this is just freaky.



Get it, they're Deviled Eggs......LOL



For you Heavy Metal music fans.....



Ever think you were a snow globe?



The meatballs are made from what kind of meat?



Anyone have a 'bun' in the oven this Halloween?


Child birth isn't easy on some guys.









User Comments

Bwahahaha these are great!  Very inventive but also filled with dozens of puns.  One is as good as the other.  Some made me groan but overall, ingenius!  {#basic-mouth-shut.gif}

So???? Did you ever 'pea' yourself for Halloween......LOL. I thought that on was good.

Someone did a good job making that 'gator' costume for that kid.

I never "pea'd" myself but talk about imaginative minds!  I would have never thought up some of these costumes.  They're awesome!

These are good, lol!  To answer your question nope.  I didn't even wear costumes, because I really didn't celebrate Halloween.

Dressing up for Halloween as an adult never appealed to me for some reason, but as a kid it was great.

Those were really great

It's amazing what people can come up with for Halloween.


Hahahaha!  Very creative!

Back when I was a kid I was a ghost with a sheet or we had those chintzy boxed up costumes with sweaty masks.

Those masks could sweat up your face alright, good thing Halloween isn't in August....LOL

Really inventive and scary. New Year Eve we have people from all over coming here dressed up, but not much for Halloween. But then again I am hidden away at home.

Amazing how creative people can be with their costumes.

And now you can get three friends and be a French Kiss group {#basic-laugh.gif}

People sure do come up with some wild and crazy ideas, don't they?

hahahahahahahaha!!!!! These were awesome!

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