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Went shopping at Home Depot last night since it was daylight still

Added: Friday, March 15th 2019 at 2:42pm by sfeastbay
Category: Shopping

Since I work from home, it's hard to get motivated to go out after work when it's dark as it feels so late when it's only 6pm.

Now that it's lighter later, it doesn't feel late so I don't talk myself out of leaving as much.

So I finally went to Home Depot with my list of things I've been wanting to get and never seemed to make it on weekends.

Weekends are a zoo at Home Depot, so going after work is easier anyway.

I bought two new light fixtures, one for inside and a new porch light.

Had to laugh as they had all these fancy porch lights on display around the $30 and up price range.

I wasn't feeling it for any I saw and didn't like the LED ones. I want one I can put a bulb in so I can have the light softer if I want or put a special one in for Halloween or some other holiday (which we know I won't....LOL).

So which one did I buy? I bought the one for $5.47 that they didn't have on display.

Guess they want to offer a lower end basic one, but not put in on display so people don't see it to buy it and spend more money on a higher price one. But I saw it on the shelf sort of buried in between bigger boxes.

Seems the indoor one I bought while on display was missed the first time I looked at them and only saw it when I went to look a second time. The display was kind of hidden, and I only noticed the box/price tag looking at the shelves and not the displays.

2-for-2 Home Depot.....LOL


User Comments

I've never been to Home Depot ... not in person, anyway.  I did hit their website once.  I was surprised to see they sold furniture.

I would imagine it might be a fun place to visit, if I were younger and actually had energy.

Is it like Walmart, in that you can get a mani/pedi, new eyeglasses and your tires rotated in the same building?

Home Depot equates to Lowes.  

Ah, okay - got it!  Thanks, Dani!

You betcha! {#basic-laugh.gif}

I hate Home Depot. We had horrible customer service, twice, and that was it for Yvonne. She won't even say their name lol. Can't say I blame her. They were awful...

I don't deal with workers except cashiers, but a kid last night got on the floor to search the bottom shelf to look for a certain spray paint I wanted. I thought that was nice.

Well, if you go to buy appliances or a lawn mower, you'll have to deal with idiots and at least here in Ohio, they are most definitely idiots. But it wasl all store policy we were annoyed with...

They are friendly here and always asking if you need help. Never bought appliances there or anything major that would need special help.

It's no mystery it depends how a place is managed. Over in Indy, Home Depot fine... here in Ohio, sucks...

What are you painting? I have a pet peeve about lights... I don’t like the new ones as they just don’t give out the light the old fashioned ones used to.
The light bulbs I meant.

I use the spray paint for touch ups. I have a metal shed that shows rust here and there at times so will spray the area since the color is almost exact so you don't notice.

I prefer Lowe's

I've been to Lowe's two or three times. I have to pass Home Depot to get there so just stop at HD. Plus we have two Home Depots here so if out and about, I can stop at the other one.

A couple weeks ago I had an armload of stuff at the Oregon City Home Depot.... and NO check stands were open...only the self check-out.

I put the stuff on the floor and walked out while loudly saying "I'm going to Lowe's where they appreciate customers! "

I went at a good time as it was right after work so not many people in the store. I just walked right up to the register and she rang me up. Any time I've been there there is always at least one register open plus the self check out.

We have to drive an hour and a half to get to the nearest Home Depot.   Last time we went, we needed potting soil.   I couldn't believe how knowledgeable the person in the garden department was!  And so helpful!  

We have a really good Ace hardware store really close.  It might be slightly more expensive but they, too, are really helpful and will actually teach you how to do what you're trying to do!  For that I am truly grateful. 

Our ACE hardware store in town that's been there forever, is no longer ACE, but just a hardware store. There is an ACE in the next town and we have Ture Value. Wish Orchard Supply was still in here, but Lowe's shut them all down.

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