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Well the washing machine did kinda sorta break maybe but not really

Added: Friday, October 23rd 2020 at 9:40am by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

My washing machine has been having a hard time working when it's time to drain the tub, and sometimes I've had to stop it and turn the knob to get it to work.

Yesterday it stopping at the drain cycle and nothing I did could get it to drain.

I had washed a load which was in the dryer at the time, so this was the second load that had towels/linen items.

I pulled the soaping wet items out and hung them in the bath room to drip what I couldn't wring out complete while the dryer was still going with the first load.

Later in the day I was able to put the wet items in the dryer, but it took extra long to dry since they were so wet.

In the mean while, I played with the control knob and at least got the tub to drain.

This happen years ago and the control 'box' inside was replaced so sounds like it may be that again.

It's 16 years old so not sure if they can get a part still or not for this GE washer.

I called a repair man who's ad says call today and we can come out today or the next.

He's be here next Wednesday, which isn't today or the next day....LOL.

I also told him about my gas wall oven which will not come one that I mentioned here in March as it broke right as the shelter in place was starting and I wasn't going to have any repair person inside if I didn't have to. 

Since I wasn't using my oven anyway, it was no hurry.

The wall oven is a Maytag and was here when I moved in, so not even sure how old it is. It has a digital clock/timer so it can't be original from 1964.


While sitting here yesterday I looked up new washer online with Home Depot and Best Buy.

What is with selling appliances these days with no plugs, no fill hoses, no drain hoses?

Some came with a plug and fill hose but no drain hose. Some with a plug and drain hose, but no fill hose. Some with nothing.

Crazy that you have to buy those separately like they don't think you would need to fill a washing machine with water or drain it.....LOL

Don't see why they can't just have different type plugs/hoses and when they deliver it and set it up, use whatever plugs/hoses are needed and be done with it.

My cousin was in the same fix when his  mother electric stove needed replacing, he had to buy the plug separately. Guess they don't know you need to plug in an electric oven to get it to work.


Oh well, so now I have to wait until next Wednesday to see if the washer can be fixed or if I will have to purchase a new one.

I think what I paid for my new GE washer and dryer sixteen years ago is lower then what the cheapest washer is now. And we know anything new today isn't going to even last sixteen years like the old ones have.


Guess that is the appliance rant for today.

Tomorrow you may get the 'why is everything made cordless these days rant'.

But maybe not since you never know what can pop up today that may get me ranting tomorrow....LOL


User Comments

Well, if it's the timer, it might be replaceable, but if it's the water pump, buy a new washer, since the water pump will cost as much, or almost as much, as a new washer.

If you can find a used one, that's less then 10 years old, go for it.  Yeah, you may still have to buy new water hoses for it, and then again, you may not, or you  can keep your old water hoses from the washer you have now.  That's what we did.  A drain hose is an iffy.  In our case, we had to buy a new one.  The drain hose that came with it, had water settled in it, and they had it in a warehouse, over the winter, causing the water to freeze, which split the hose.

These days if you can fix something the price can almost be the cost for a new one. So it's a toss up between putting money into an old appliance that will last longer or buying a new one that won't last as long as the old one has.

Our new washer/dryer was only 6 years old.  A new one would have cost us $1200 plus taxes.  Our cost was only $350 a fraction of what it would cost new.  And it runs as well as a new one.  The model we bought is far from obsolete, since the new ones look identical to what we have now.

My aunt and cousin to through washers like crazy they will replace them like every eight years but they over use their washers they wash clothes everyday not just theirs but grand kids great grand kids but they can have said the newer ones don't last like the older models.

My aunt had to replace her washer finally after all these years. It was about 30-40 years old and you know the new one won't last nearly as long.

Hmmm, don't think we've ever bought a new washer...but then we've hand-washed and line-dryed our laundry for a year at a time just for the hell of  it ...lol.

We've seen screaming good deals on used washers and dryers.  Habitat for Humanity is one likely place to find something that'll work for you...

but running in place in a small tote of laundry is faster than done by machine - plus you get some exercise doing something useful while saving water, electricity...and burning calories.

I could have used my grandmothers old wringer washer yesterday while pulling soaking wet bath towels out that were heavy and trying to wring them out by hand. 

Maggie did some posts on alternative laundry experiments.a while back...

We've become our parents with the "in my day" rants lol.

Yep, but in this case in my day meant things were made to last which I'm all for....LOL

It sounds like you need a new water pump. So it might be cheaper to buy a new washer. 

I just take mine into the laundry where for 80 cents a pound they wash, dry and fold!!

I don't understand why you don't have plugs on your appliances or the hoses. I bought a washing machine when I moved in here and we always have those things. Did you overload your machine with the towels, as when they got wet the weight might have been too much for your machine to spin - only a guess.  Hope repair doesn't cost too much. 

No it wasn't even a full load. It's been acting up for months, but still chugged along.

I need to fix a few things on my washer. Too big of a load and it won't spin... sometimes. I think it's all an easy job...   I still have a very old whirlpool pair..

When my mothers house sold it still had a washer and dryer from Montgomery Wards that still worked just fine. I should have switched them with mine.....LOL

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