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Wednesday musing on weather, newspaper, and foraging for food

Added: Wednesday, March 25th 2020 at 8:26am by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

Day 9 or 21 or more days sheltering in.


Nice sunny day so I thought as I sat down to eat breakfast this morning.

The it started to rain hard and I thought, wait didn't I see nice sunshine out my front windows?????

Why yes I did and yes it was still sunny, but raining.

I even went outside and yes it was sunny and raining, but there was dark gray clouds to the west and south of me providing the down pour.

But the real amazing part was I checked the weather on my phone and it said rain at 8am, and it was 8am and raining.

Wow, some weather person was right, who would have thought......LOL


I'm waiting to see if I get the newspaper today.

I didn't get it the last two days, and am not happy.

You can call up to 10:30am for a replacement, and Monday I lost track of time so called right at 10:30 which is why the robot woman on the phone just said they would credit my account.

Yesterday I check a little after 10am and it wasn't here, so called and got a human, who said she would have one sent out and also credit my account.

Well, no paper ever showed up yesterday and who knows if they really are crediting my account.

She also said she would pass the info on to I think she said Transportation Manager, but I'm sure they could care less about it since I've had problems since the new delivery person took over and have called many times.

I know newspapers don't have long lines of people wanting to delivery the morning paper, but what happen to the days where people did the best job they could when hired for a job.

During the week it's supposed to be here by 6:30am, I'm lucky if it's here by 9am which is when I start work so the morning paper becomes an afternoon or evening paper that I really don't care about any longer.

It's a typical modern day problem, prices go up and service goes down.


I have a couple of letters to mail so at lunch I will go mail them and stop at a chain Mexican grocery store I'll pass to see if I can get some produce and see what else they may have.

Walgreens is across the street so I may stop in there for a quick look, will have to see on that.

You really have to give animals credit who forage for food all their wakiing hours. But instead of fighting other animals for nuts, humans are now fighting each other over toilet paper.


I've been up almost an hours and am ready for a nap. Why is it that cold rainy days make you want to just burrow under blankets and sleep the say away.


User Comments

Good luck on going to Walgreens.  The drugstores in our town, will not allow anyone in.  You go to the door, and a clerk setting inside where he/she can see the door, and know if someones there.  Will wak to the door, and ask the person what's needed.  They supply the need, and take the payment, by credit card, or cash.  And yes, yo get change back, if yu pay in cash, lol!


The only drug store open, is at WalMart.  Still though, people are limited.  When you usually see a long line, waiting to pick up their meds, there's only a few, who are doing quite a bit of social distancing, lol!

I was at Walgreens Friday and it wasn't crowded but they didn't have TP or cleaning products.

Haven't heard of anyone around here doing that, but there are some small mom & pop pharmacies so who knows what they may be doing.

It's pretty cool that they can pinpoint the exact time it's going to rain!

I hope you can get what you need on your shopping trip.  When I went out yesterday I saw a lot of empty shelves. 

Seems to be hit or miss on what may be in stock.

Catch-22. The people not working can keep going store to store every morning, and the people that can work can only go after work and not find what they need since the non-working people grabbed it all during the day.

Very sad times for everyone.

Good point!

The only thing I am really missing is not having any hand sanitizers on the shelves at all and workers saying they have no idea when they will.  I have 2 bottles at home, but they will eventually run out. I use alot of soap & water but when I go into a store for essentials, I like having my sanitizer and sanitizer wipes to wipe the buggy handle and wipe down my door handle and steering wheel when I get back to my car.

So far Walgreens is still open to walk into and shop but other pharmacies are closing except for drive thru.

I hope you get what you need....and that newspaper too!

No newspaper and when I try and call a recording comes on saying my call can't be completed at this time and to try again later.

Somethingn is up with them that's for sure.

I knew it. I called right at 10:30am which is the last time you can call to talk to a human and the robot answered and said they would credit me.

LLets hope the robot is telling the truth.

I made my own santizer and took it with me this morning at 7am. I followed a recipe and made it out of home stuff. I washed my car handle, hands, and steering wheel when I got out of the store. All I know is my hands are so DRY from washing!

But it is worth it.

I thing they should have new shopping rules: 7am-8Am Seniors  8AM-9 AM people going to work  9AM-10 AM People who have nothing else to do   10AM-11AM teenagers  11AM-Noon People in the business   Noon-1 PM People who get up after 10 AM  1PM-2PM  People who like movies  2 PM-4PM  People who only need 2 items  4PM-5PM  People who don't use toilet paper  5PM-6PM People coming home from work and/or people working the late shift  6PM- 7PM  People who don't have cars  7 PM-8PM  People who get their shopping done in 1 hour because stores will clos at 8 PM and everyone has to get out!

I'd settle for when I go there everyone must get out and let me shop in peace and everything is in stock.{#basic-laugh.gif}

{#basic-laugh.gif} these made me smile! 

It was pretty nice out sunny and a bit mild there were more people out side working or kids playing in their yards.

First day it felt like spring!🌷🌷🌸🌹🌺🌻🌼

And right now my hands are like ice.....LOL

Not much warmer outside and the sun even came back out.

Hubby worked(s) for the paper & they have had drivers/delivery people throw away papers they don't feel like delivering. Hope you get it all sorted & get the credit you are owed. Newspaper these days can't afford to make such customers mad as they are going out of business as it is. 

Yes rain/cold does do that. 

Our grounds are starting to dry up a little but still muddy mess here from all the rain-will take over snow any day though. 

Yes people are not fighting over nuts-in fact when I was last at Walmart there was an entire wall unit filled with nuts (great nutrition) no one cares though but me it seemed LOL The toilt paper however -yep gone! 

No one seems to be in a panic to buy snack food. You can get all the chips and junk food you want it seems.

I'm surprised, maybe it's cause they all know the games are cancelled and who needs snack foods unless you're watching the sports game lol I did see our popcorn was wiped out-guess cause people wanted movie food. 

Keep your papers...

Future Toilet Paper!

I don't know why you bother with newspapers. They're always late and they pile up like dirty socks. I like the Net. I can read what I want and it doesn't cost me a cent. And if I see an article I want to keep I can just print it out on the printer. If it's home town news you want you can probably find that on the Net as well. Our local newspaper has a web site. That's where I look at the want ads.

I like getting the paper and holding it and not have to sit in front of a computer more then I already do. I like one of the daily crossword puzzles, and seeing local news and ads.

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