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Was it random or planned revenge?

Added: Friday, February 3rd 2023 at 2:36pm by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

I was over my deceased aunt's house, as I brought something to my cousin.

He was telling me that around midnight last night he heard the neighbor across the street come home. He got up and looked so knew that.

About five minutes later he heard a loud sounding car pull up, so he looked out the window and this car pulled up next to the neighbor who just came home, his car was parked on the street.

The driver got out but my cousin couldn't see what he did.

Well this morning the two tires facing the street had been slashed, and they aren't cheap tires.

The guy came out while I was there and saw his tires.

He came over and said his windshield was smashed, but it wasn't smashed, but had been hit and cracked as was the passenger door window.

The guy said he didn't know why anyone would do that.

My cousin and I think since it happen minutes after the guy got home, he must have ticked some driver off who followed him home and slashed the tires and broke the glass.

So random act of stupid or planned revenge for something?

That seems to be what you hear so much of in the news, people doing stupid things for stupid reasons.


User Comments

That's terrible!  Whatever the reason.   Some people just get off on destroying things I guess. 

I guess it makes them feel like a superior person to do things like that, but they are really a nothing of a person for doing things like that.

Wow, scary indeed.e  And the sad thing is this might be revenge for something he didn't even know he did.

True, people are weird in what is in their mind that someone may have done they didn't like, and they react like this.

God be with me forever. 

I cannot make an account anymore. I'm not human according to the site. 

Shocking.  What is wrong with people ?

People like this seem to be growing as you hear more and more about events like this all the time. 

The theory you and your cousin have sounds reasonable to me. Sometimes all it takes is someone driving too slow to make people angry.

You drive to slow in front of my cousin and he'll be hanging out the window swearing at you and blasting away on the horn. So I can see something simple turning someone violent to do something bad if they can.

Loud-sounding car pulled up...yeah, that would be the culprit. Maybe someone's Ring camera has an image of the plate for the police?

The only one with a Ring camera was the next door neighbor and they moved out a few weeks ago and took it with them. 

I asked my cousin and he said the guy got his car fixed yesterday, but I'd be worried they would come back for strike two of revenge. But maybe not.

A form of terrorism. Too bad no leads on the terrorist.

"Do stupid people ever hit a point..."

It's been said; it's been written: "We're all the same."

It that be true, then there is no such thing as intelligence thus no such thing as [relatively] stoopid.

We are livbing in a very angry world--just read some of the posts and/or comments here!!

And the world doesn't seem to be getting any calmer.

This sounds  like something  you see in a crime movie!  People are nuts out there, good grief!

And it's becoming the norm since things like this is all you hear about it seems.

Sounds a little like road rage to me. Too bad you can't give the police a descripton of the car or the driver. 

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