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UPDATE: I'm ok, but the lay offs started today at work

Added: Thursday, March 26th 2020 at 2:46pm by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

I was stunned to learn when I returned from lunch that all but two of us were laid off for 60 days from my department.

The company will pay their medical during that time, so they keep those benefits which is good.

The other person remaining has been out of the country on vacation and no one is sure where he's at right now.

I'll be the only one working tomorrow, but it's slow, so it should be ok.

Wow, I'm shocked and stunned over it all.


UPDATE: since posting this, I've found out another pay cut starting next week, which will bring it up to a 15% pay cut.

User Comments

I'm still working also but by the skin of my teeth.  We are down to 4 employees.

Found out a few minutes ago, there will be another 10pct pay cut to now make it 15%.

Day four...not working...twiddling thumbs. Buddy's physical cancelled and his fur cut cancelled. We just need to find place that can cut nails for him at least. We can trim him until something opens again

Go out and get a Pet dremel and do it at home. It's just a regular dremel but they fancy it up for pets. Even foot doctors use the dremel on humans now a days.

Have to check into that. Thanks.

That's the way of it now.  Once this virus has run its course, things will get back to normal.

In a weird way, we all work from home so they are used to being at home all day, so it may not have a big impact emotionally like people who work in an office/job site.

It's going to get wprse before it gets better---hopefully faster!!

And that's just from what our elected officials may do not counting what the virus may do.

Not getting political! LOL

Unfortunate so many layoffs with each passing day. I don't know what the point of no return is, but hopefully we're not there yet.

Let's hope people can go back to work soon.

😯  oh dear!

Pay cut?

10% on top of the 5% that started this pay period.

That doesn’t even seem legal.

I have a feeling it's going to get worse before it gets better unfortunately.

I can't believe how things have changed in the last couple of weeks. It's already hard to think what 'normal' was before all this happen.

Ouch on the paycut, that could be rather painful. Are they just trying to get people to quit or is it they have no business and need to cut back.

I'm so sorry.

Business is way down, so trying to save money.

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