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Toilet humor photos for Friday

Added: Friday, January 17th 2020 at 8:30am by sfeastbay

It's Friday and end of the work week, so why now have some toilet fun.


Guys do you need a helping hand when using a public men's room?



Now that's a padded toilet seat


New meaning to don't fall in.....LOL


Have a large family? This could solve your needs.


Casino maybe???


Mom never had to hear, 'we're out of toilet paper' ever again.


And now you know why there is always fur balls in your toilet


Have the runs but it's time to cook dinner. Now you're  all set.


To pretty to use


Costco decides to stop selling multi packs of toilet paper and only sell single rolls.


Someone is set for Super Bowl Sunday


When they said the toilet was down stairs, they really meant it.


For little poops


Since management installed new toilet desks, prductivity has risen.


Going to be there awhile? Why not be comfortable


That's it for now. Have a good weekend.


User Comments

These are hilarious!  Some are downright outragious. The one with the cat in it is just too funny...well heck, you found one as funny as the next. My favorite of course is the one that is too pretty to use. I love that blue motiff, lol.

If that pretty one was my bathroom, I wouldn't let anyone in there to use it including me.....LOL


{#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} That 3rd one, LOL!  I wouldn't even take a chance, lol!

I know that one needs seat belts on the pot to keep people from getting dizzy and falling off.....LOL

Oh these were so good some of these are classic

If those hands could talk in the first one......LOL

LOL these are great. Some of them are really crazy. 

Excellent!  That floor in #3 should be in a bar bathroom.

LOL! There would be a room full of falling drunks, lol!

Time was when I would have been one of them!  lol

I actually do like that 3rd one!  And I have a few bathrooms that need a redo...tempting, lol.  Do you get these off Pintrest or..?

Those were from yahoo images

LOL, bit giddy with the third one...lol

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