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Time for Thanksgiving family photos

Added: Tuesday, November 19th 2019 at 9:22am by sfeastbay

It's that time of year to show Thanksgiving family photos gathered from the internet.

If you see you and your family here, let us know so we can laugh at you...I mean tell you what an adorable family you have. {#giggle.gif}


At least the girl with glasses is faking a smile like she's happy to be there.




You just know this kid in front facing the camera is just pure evil.....LOL



I think the one in the middle may be dead and just propped up there for the photo.


What every mother thinks her family Thanksgiving dinner will be like.

--and what it's really like......





Cousin Bob liked carving up the Turkey just a little to much I think.



That's right Tilly, this is where you will be tomorrow at the family dinner.




Touch that drum stick and I'll kill you.

The police may be called after all.



Well this is going to be a happy little gathering for dinner.


Hoping other people bring the side dishes or turkey is all they will have.



"Martha, where's the baby?"

"Oh, he'll be here for dinner."



Turkey, I want turkey.



You can tell he's hoping no one thinks these are his kids.



Can't you just feel the holiday excitement from these four.



Would you rather be a before or after turkey head?



What is it with Thanksgiving headwear?



This is about right.




Joe and Sam always wore their Sunday best t-shirts for Thanksgiving dinner.



Another excited family ready to have dinner.




A special carving table was set up, makes sense.


And finally we have smart Betty.

Every year she saved an old carcass in the freezer and every Thanksgiving would go buy 13 Swanson Turkey TV dinners and serve them on her best china  with the old carcass sitting on the kitchen counter so her family would think she cooked the meal.

They never found out the truth.



I don't ever recall my family taking holiday photos around the table. Now I'm so glad we didn't.....LOL



User Comments


Those are really all so funny.  Some very 'happy' faces there lol.

Funny...thanks for sharing.

One nice thing about this town is the cops will wait until after the guests leave the premises before arresting them..lol


I don't think we ever took any pictures at thanksgiving maybe when I was a kid and there was someone from out of state. Though I think it would have been fun to record some of the conversations. Lol

We actually did record things in away. My one aunt's that we always went to had a big real-to-real tape player and we would all get on it and record things. She would send the tapes to her son who was in the Air Force at the time.

We don't take a lot of pictures at family gatherings, which is probably a good thing.

Yep, less evidence that could be brought up later in life....LOL

The gatherings at my Aunt's place was alarming and fun. Kids in one room ... adults in the other ...dogs, and whatnot. We all dressed in orange and gobbling what we wanted then headed out to play in the snow.

I think the adults visited and hoped the kids didn't get shot. 

That was our Thanksgiving. We somehow survived.

We never had a kids table since the one aunt we always went to had a long living/dining room what could hold a long row of tables so the whole family could sit together.

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