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This that and the other thing for Friday October 30

Added: Friday, October 30th 2020 at 11:57am by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

The repair guy fixed my oven yesterday so to celebrate a working oven for the first time since March,  I bought myself a frozen pizza to have for dinner tonight.

Isn't that a wild way to celebrate something......LOL


I made two quick trips to two different grocery stores this week, which seemed easier and is a way to save money and get the things I want.

Between the large chain store, the small chain store and Target, I can get the items at each that I know cost less then the other stores, and then get things at the larger store that just are better or they have what the small chain or Target doesn't.

The large store is still better to get produce as Target and the small chain just can't compete with the selection, but I do get some items at the small chain store.


It's almost noon and I'm just hearing the first garbage truck in the neighborhood. Usually they are all done by this time. Wonder what slowed them down this week.


I saw pallets of candy at the store this morning, so unless they have a rush today and tomorrow, they will have a lot left over.

They did have some nice looking Christmas decorations out and at good prices. Not that I need anything, but it's right where you walk in so I noticed it.

Goes with the radio ads I was hearing from the large retailers saying the holidays are almost hear so come in for extra savings this week.


Okay, I'm back. Not that you knew I left, but I had ground turkey burgers in the air fryer and had to go get them out and put in the rest to cook.

Now with those I have a tad over two weeks of main meals in the freezer to reheat for dinner.

I'm liking it this way instead of having to actually cook each night. Just grab something and reheat it in the microwave.

Getting sides to go with it is quick and easy, so it makes getting dinner ready faster which works for me.

Dinner is the worst meal of the day that I hate having to get together to eat.


Not many halloween decorations around the 'hood this year, so less parents will let their kids go out I guess.

Not that we used to have a lot anyway for some reason, but I always thought they went somewhere else to trick or treat like school or church functions or to other neighborhoods that had more homes hanging out candy.

But who knows since large gatherings are banned, there may be more kids going around the neighborhood this year.

At least if kids do go out, their parents will have a good excuse to steal their candy when they are asleep this year.

The parents can just say they are up changing the clocks back at 2am when they really will be stealing the good candy while the kids are sound asleep at that time.....LOL

Yes you can pass that bit of advise to parents you know who's kids will have candy to swipe this year.








User Comments

You celebrate like me. Lol

I do the same thing when cooking making up enough for a few days or for the following week,living alone fixing supper just isn't that fun unless your cooking for other people,what's funny I've learned to scale back on somethings like salads they go bad way before I can get to it. Lol

I wonder what people are doing for Halloween?  I guess those that might get together is a smaller group. So hard to think that Halloween as we knew it will likely never be like that again.

Maybe by Hallowee 2021, things will be back to the old way.

Christmas shopping, Thanksgiving and Christmas get togethers will be the true test on how things will go with spreading the virus. 

I thought the same thing.

And now you know, parents end kids out to trick or treat, so THEY can eat the candy, lol!!

I hear mother's are the worst offenders when it comes to snagging chocolate candy from their kids bags.....LOL

Now I wonder if my parents ever swiped some of my candy. {#gruebel.gif}


Guilty, lol!

Ah the truth finally comes out.....LOL


This is looking like a good Halloween to buy your own favorite candies..  :P"

The after Halloween sale of candy should be interesting since it looks like so much will be left over. 

When you say there'll be a lot of candy left over, I assume you mean Halloween candy. There's no shortage of candy for Christmas, too. And Valentine's day.

There seems to be lots of candy or sweets for most every holiday except maybe the 4th of July  -- we all eat hotdogs then, right? -- and Thanksgiving, which is also known as Turkey Day.

Yes Halloween candy. 

M&M's seem to have a color combo for every holiday.

You could go for the day afters and stock up enough in your freezer to last til next Halloween, lol.

That's just it, I don't buy candy......LOL

Too bad.  I don't either but a couple bags of Reeses peanut butter cups would certainly hit the spot, lol.

" so it makes getting dinner ready faster "  what's your rush? You're retired!!

Going to 3 stores to do your shopping??/ WOW!!! You really are training to be a South Florida senior citizen!! LOL

Now I have the time to go to different stores to shop and it gives me something to do during the week. 

The town secretary told me they're having Halloween in our town this year but judging by the absence of Halloween decorations on people's porches I'm thinking we won't get very many trick-or-treaters this year. 

Less then 10 kids come now my street anyway, so it should be even less this year or people will just let their kids go to houses of people they know and arranged to go to.

Seems a number of people have relatives who also live in this neighborhood, so that may be who they only go to.

Parents?  Stealing the good candy? 😯

Yep, can you believe that happens....LOL

I stole chocolate from my kids bags....Now I wonder if my parents did that too!

Just think, with our legal system they can now sue you for that and win....LOL

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